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Stephanie Fox's Top Picks for NE1's Newcastle Restaurant Week

Check out where blogger Stephanie Fox is dining at during NE1's Newcastle Restaurant Week

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Food at Cafe Andaluz, Photo by Stephanie Fox

With NE1's Newcastle Restaurant Week just around the corner, we caught up with blogger Stephanie Fox to see where she plans on heading this August. Over to you, Stephanie!

NE1's Newcastle Restaurant Week is returning for the second time in 2023 next month, from 7th – 13th August. It’s a great way to try new restaurants without spending a fortune, going to favourites at a bargain price or just a good excuse to get together with people for a meal out. It’s also a great way to support your favourite restaurants during the quieter summer months. I love browsing through the restaurants taking part and their menus, before choosing a few to book, and as always there are a few new additions. Here’s my top picks for NE1's Newcastle Restaurant week for August 2023.

In the past when I’ve shared blogs on Newcastle Restaurant Week I’ve gone through each restaurant, but nowadays I have my favourites, and I’m not going to sway from them – with a few exceptions as new places have opened that I want to try.

So like I always share, these are just my top picks of Newcastle restaurants taking part in NE1's Newcastle Restaurant Week 2023. They’re in no particular order, and include a mix of old favourites, new places and ones I want to try. Remember to book sharpish as places book up so fast!

Food at St Vincent, Photo by Stephanie Fox Food at St Vincent, Photo by Stephanie Fox

St Vincent, Broad Chare

I am so excited that St Vincent has reopened again finally, and they’re taking part in restaurant week in August. I recently had the most amazing meal there, the monkfish tail, the zucchini fries…all of it was incredible take a look at my full review here if you’re interested in more details. But back to Restaurant Week, their menu is available Tuesday – Friday and is for 2 courses for £15 or 3 courses for only £20.

See the full St Vincent Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

Food at Gino D'Acampo Restaurant Quayside, Photo by Stephanie Fox Food at Gino D'Acampo Restaurant Quayside, Photo by Stephanie Fox

Gino D'Acampo Restaurant, Quayside

Gino's restaurant on the Quayside was a great addition to Newcastle, the menu is always changing with the seasons and the food is so good. The first thing I say to anyone about it is how big the menu is, and I’ve never had a bad experience. There are a good selection of choices for every course, and there’s bound to be something even the fussiest eaters will like! It’s all really good quality food.

I’ve done some wine tastings with them recently, and if you’re looking for a summer rose in August that is an Italian version of Cote d’Provence then order a glass or bottle of the Bardolino Chiaretto – it’s lovely! The bar is great area too for a pre or after-dinner drink. Highly recommend.

See the full Gino D'Acampo Restaurant Week menu and offer here. I spotted the arancini and the bruschetta is on the starters – both amazing!

Chart House, Quayside

What used to be Charts on the Quayside in the listed building was revamped and reopened in September as Chart House bar and restaurant. I went here last restaurant week in January and loved it, the food was excellent and the atmosphere in the bar and restaurant is great. A great one for date night or an occasion meal.

See the full Chart House Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

Thali Tray @ Bealim House, Gallowgate

You can now find Thali Tray in Bealim House on Gallowgate, having expanded from their first location in Ouseburn. They’re taking part in restaurant week with two courses for £15. I’ve not been yet but everyone raves about it so including it as it’s one I’d like to try.

See the full Thali Tray @ Bealim House Restaurant Week menu here.

Food at I Scream For Pizza, Photo by Stephanie Fox Food at I Scream For Pizza, Photo by Stephanie Fox

I Scream For Pizza, Quayside

I love this place, the pizza is just so good. Their small place on the Quayside is the one taking part in Restaurant Week, not the bigger restaurant in Sandyford. They have three offers at a range of prices – £10, £15 and £20 - that include their pizzas, dips, drinks and milkshakes.

See the full I Scream For Pizza Restaurant Week menu here.

Cote Brasserie, Grainger Street

Cote is another really lovely restaurant. I think due to its location it’s easy to forget it’s there but it’s very much worth a visit, The French onion soup is the best I’ve had outside of France, but the full menu is great. Also a big fan of the steak frites which is on this Restaurant Week menu.

For Restaurant Week this January they’re offering a three course set menu, with mains that include sirloin steak, seabass, and chicken. You get all three courses for £20 I think this is great value for here

See the full Cote Brasserie Restaurant Week menu here.

Kaltur, Dean Street & High Bridge

One of my favourite tapas place in Newcastle, the food at Kaltur is just so good, and as close to being in Mallorca as I’ve had. It’s easy to get carried away with the tapas selection, and it’s really filling. Think this will be a popular one and the venues are quite small so book quick if you fancy it. They have some lovely wines on offer too if you ask the waiters for recommendations.

There’s a great selection of everyone’s favourite tapas including traditional tapas bravas and cooked chorizo, and you get three for £20 during Restaurant Week.

See the full Kaltur Restaurant Week menus and offers here and here.

Food at Cafe Andaluz, Photo by Stephanie Fox Food at Cafe Andaluz, Photo by Stephanie Fox

Cafe Andaluz, Grey Street

Cafe Andaluz is in a fabulous spot on the corner of Grey Street opposite the Theatre Royal. The restaurant is beautiful and the food is great, I’ve been three or four times since they opened. I’m also a big fan of their sangria and the bar area. A good one for a group night out and don’t let the fact that it is a chain put you off.

They have two offers this Restaurant Week - one for lunch and one for dinner, the list to choose from is HUGE!

See the full Cafe Andaluz Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

Food at Victors, Photo By Stephanie Fox Food at Victors, Photo By Stephanie Fox

Victors, Quayside

Only opened in July 2022, Victors has arrived on the Newcastle Quayside. A really good one for a girls night out, but don’t let how Instagrammable it is put you off, the food and cocktails are great. They have a new outdoor terrace area as well which would be lovely if the weather is good. Their offer is two courses for £20, and the menu includes the salmon which I loved.

See the full Victors Restaurant Week and menu here.

Hibou Blanc, High Bridge

This is where I went for Restaurant Week last year and the food was excellent, as was the service. It always is and the menu is different this time round but sounds delicious again. It’s a good one to make a night of it with drinks in their fabulous bar before or after. The French martinis are very good!

The North Sea fishcake would be my choice!

See the full Hibou Blanc Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

Food at Khai Khai, Photo by Stephanie Fox Food at Khai Khai, Photo by Stephanie Fox

Khai Khai, Queen Street

Khai Khai is always a favourite during Restaurant Week it books up so fast and with good reason, the food is unreal. It’s a varied and big menu with pre starters, small smoke plates, mains and sides.

See the full Khai Khai Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

The Muddler, Grey Street

Quite possibly my favourite restaurant in Newcastle, the sushi and the skewers are just tremendous. They expanded into the next door space too so there are more tables available now, but they book up so far in advance.

The Restaurant Week menu has really improved over the years and it now includes sushi which it didn’t always, dim sum, tempura and lots more choice. If you’ve not been here before and like Asian food you have to target this one!

See the full Muddler Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

21, Trinity Gardens

Often voted as Newcastle’s best restaurant, 21 is an excellent restaurant and this time round the offer covers the evening as well as lunchtimes. The menu sounds delicious, and would be a great choice for an occasion at a more affordable price if you can get booked in.

See the full 21 Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

Dobson & Parnell, Queen Street

I think I’ve visited Dobson & Parnell as part of every previous NE1 Restaurant Week, and each time I say I don’t know why we don’t visit more often. On the Quayside on Queen Street I really like it here, and because it’s one of the more expensive ones usually it’s a good one to try while the restaurant week offer is available.

The cocktails are good, the food is quite small portions but you do leave feeling full especially if you go for three courses, and it’s lovely inside. This time you can get a three course lunch for £20 or two course dinner for £20.

Find the full Dobson & Parnell Restaurant Week menu and offer here.

These are my picks for NE1's Newcastle Restaurant week, but you can find all restaurants taking part and their menus here. They book up so quick so don’t wait if there’s one you like the look of.

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