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More from NE1

Newcastle City Marina

NE1's Newcastle City Marina provides a berth in the heart of the city on the beautiful River Tyne

NE1 people on Newcastle City Marina

Capitalising on one of the city’s most iconic views, NE1’s Newcastle City Marina is a wonderful addition to Newcastle’s iconic Quayside and river, and is perfectly positioned adjacent to Newcastle’s vibrant hub of culture, leisure, and entertainment.

The marina itself is a floating pontoon accommodating up to 50 vessels, from yachts to motorboats, and is equipped with electricity and water supplies. Its location on the River Tyne provides easy access to the North Sea, making it a popular destination for boaters and sailors alike.

The Newcastle City Marina is an essential element of many events which take place on the water throughout the year, and in recent years, including Historic Harbour day, NE1’s Newcastle Dragon Boat Race and international sailing events, such as the Tall Ships Race, which attracted thousands of visitors to the city.

The marina has become a popular destination for people visiting the city, offering a unique and picturesque place to stay right on the water. It has been used by both locals and tourists alike, who appreciate its convenient location, stunning views, and easy access to all that Newcastle has to offer.

In recent years, Newcastle has become an even more cosmopolitan and thriving city, with a growing reputation as a cultural hotspot. NE1’s Newcastle City Marina is a testament to this, providing a modern and exciting addition to the city's already impressive offering. Its success reflects the city's dedication to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all, and its ability to attract visitors from far and wide.

If you’re inspired to visit or would like more information visit the Newcastle City Marina website.

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