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Rosie Morris: Circles are Slices of Spheres:


For her first solo exhibition in a UK public institution, Rosie Morris will transform one of the Laing’s original Edwardian galleries with an ambitious architectural installation, entitledCircles are Slices of Spheres.

Two monumental paintings envelop the viewer in a vast expanse of subtle colours and illusionistic shadows, highlighting the intricate architectural detailing of the gallery itself.

The project is a culmination of Morris’ interest in drawing attention to the ‘here and now’ through her large-scale work. The exhibition is accompanied by a sound commission and performative script, both of which play on ideas of the sublime and hushed atmosphere associated with viewing art.

(Image credit: Rosie Morris, Set, 2012. © the artist)


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1st October 2016 - 8th January 2017

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