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Ellery Eskelin Trio: The Globe


Last day of short UK tour by renown US composer and saxophonist Ellery Eskelin with UK musicians Chris Sharkey (guitar) and Matthew Bourne (keyboard).

For the past 30 years Ellery Eskelin has been at the forefront of the global creative improvised music scene. Based in New York City, he has traveled widely performing, recording and amassing a very personal and iconoclastic body of work. And yet Ellery Eskelin has always remained deeply committed to the traditions of jazz and American music. Eskelin embodies this seeming contradiction with ease. He does not see jazz as a style or idiom but as a process. Further, a process of creative development that has great relevancy to our time. In this pursuit Eskelin consistently delivers to the listening public unadulterated, passionate music with no excuses and no apologies.


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14th October 2016

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The Globe is the first bar/music venue in the UK to be owned freehold by a cooperative. It provides a permanent home for Jazz.Coop Newcastle, and a lasting asset for the local music community. The Globe is home to a wide variety of music including jazz, f...



11 Railway Street

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