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Whale of a Time: Alphabetti Theatre


A play about two men in a whale. But why?

Set inside the belly of a whale, we meet Albert, a man in his fifties who has been here for half of his life. Why is he inside of a whale? He has no idea, but after 25 years, he’s pretty much accepted it, it’s home. In washes Robbie, in his twenties and full of beans. They’re an unlikely pairing but we follow their meeting as it turns into friendship. Conversations about life events that Albert had no idea about. What’s Google? Who’s Raoul Moat? And what the hell is a vegan sausage roll?

Albert has always wanted to get back home to his wife but the only way back is through the blowhole of the whale and it seems like an impossible task. Could Robbie be the solution Albert has been waiting for all these years? And more importantly, why are they here in the first place? Whale Of A Time explores friendship, 'being a man' in different generations and how one person can change the rest of your life.

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17th May - 4th June 2022

Venue Details
Alphabetti Theatre has opened up their doors to a new venue on St. James' Boulevard. With shows most evenings, the theatre is a cultural hub for North East artists and theatre-goers to enjoy using for work and play.   Based in Newcastle upon Tyne a...


0191 261 9125

[email protected]


Alphabetti Theatre
St. James Boulevard
Newcastle upon Tyne

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 11am - 11pm

Wednesday 11am - 11pm

Thursday 11am - 11pm

Friday 11am - 11pm

Saturday 11am - 11pm

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