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Present by Alphabetti Theatre: Alphabetti Theatre


Present is a high octane, energetic, festive show with live music that tells the story from an invisible community. 


t’s the 23rd December and Dave is preparing his Christmas tradition – to get blind drunk and dance the night away to the sound track in his head. The music helps him - it frees him, drowns out the voices and keeps him alone – well, avoided.


​He’s a dancing drunk to a soundless soundtrack, until the buzz from his phone stops the noise – bringing him back to the real world. 


​It’s a text that gives him the chance to create a new Christmas tradition and meet his grandson for the first time. Written and Directed by Ali Pritchard. 

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Pay What You Feel


17th December - 23rd December 2019

Venue Details
Alphabetti Theatre has opened up their doors to a new venue on St. James' Boulevard. With shows most evenings, the theatre is a cultural hub for North East artists and theatre-goers to enjoy using for work and play.   Based in Newcastle upon Tyne a...


0191 261 9125

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Alphabetti Theatre
St. James Boulevard
Newcastle upon Tyne

Opening Hours:

Tuesday 11am - 11pm

Wednesday 11am - 11pm

Thursday 11am - 11pm

Friday 11am - 11pm

Saturday 11am - 11pm


Age recommendation: 14+

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