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Get into Newcastle’s Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2023

Take our fun end-of-the-year quiz and test your knowledge on all things Toon

Last updated:
The Tyne River and Tyne Bridge from Newcastle's Quayside - Image courtesy Unsplash & Ian Ward

It’s been a big year for Newcastle, with everything from epic sporting events and music gigs to new venues setting up shop in the Toon – plus a whole host of exciting announcements for 2024.

It’s safe to say that the city has had a pretty busy 12 months, but were you paying attention to everything that’s been going on in Newcastle over the past year? Take our fun end-of-the-year quiz and find out!

The answers can be found at the bottom, but no cheating!

1. Supporters of which three European teams marched through the Toon before their UEFA Champions League matches at St James’ Park?

2. Which girl group announced a comeback show happening at Utilita Arena next year?

3. Which iconic Newcastle street is getting a facelift in 2024?

4. Which footballer transferred from Everton to Newcastle in early 2023?

5. Which Newcastle restaurant did celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay say served him the best curry of his life?

6. What was the name of the mini music festival NE1 held on the Quayside as part of our Summer in the City events?

7. Fenwick teamed up with which iconic local brand to launch a pop-up bistro featuring fancy takes on their beloved food?

8. Which much-loved open-air container pop-up is making a return to the city in 2024?

9. Which birthday did Lane7 celebrate this year?

10. Who won Wylam Brewery’s Battle Royale for the second year in a row?

11. Which brand-new city centre festival featured French artist Olivier Grossetête’s Monumental Construction artwork?

12. Iconic cocktail bar Mother Mercy recently opened a new venue on Grey Street, but what is it called?

13. What was this year’s Christmas pantomime at Theatre Royal?

14. The NHS celebrated its 75th birthday this year. How many people does the Newcastle upon Tyne Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust employ?

   a) 5,000
   b) 10,000
   c) 15,000
   d) 20,000

15. Which Norwegian city gifts Newcastle Civic Centre its Christmas tree?

16. Which fine dining Quayside restaurant was awarded a Michelin star within a year of opening?

Tom Grennan, Photo by Gill Nightingale Tom Grennan, Photo by Gill Nightingale

17. Tom Grennan is set to headline which new festival taking place in Leazes Park in May 2024?

18. Which mythical creature returned to the Tyne for a boat race to help raise money for charity this September?

19. How many people took part in the Blaydon Races this year?

   a) 2,200
   b) 3,400
   c) 4,700
   d) 5,300

20. Which American food brand famous for its sweet treats opened a branch on Grainger Street this year?

So, how did you do? Check out the answers below!

1. Paris Saint Germain, Borussia Dortmund, AC Milan 2. Girls Aloud 3. Northumberland Street 4. Anthony Gordon 5. Khai Khai 6. Music by the Marina 7. Greggs 8. STACK 9. 10th birthday 10. Acropolis 11. NOVUM 12. Café Mercy 13. Pinocchio 14. 15,000 15. Bergen 16. Solstice 17. In the Park Festival 18. Dragon 19. 4,700 20. Cinnabon

We hope you enjoyed taking our quiz and that you had an amazing time in the city this past year. Here’s to a happy, healthy and even more happening 2024!

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