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3 Courses £10: Wafi Lounge

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Celebrate NE1's Newcastle Restaurant Week this January 21st - 27th at Wafi Lounge with 3 courses for £10! Choose from a cold or hot starter, then choose a main and dessert!


Cold Starters

Hommos - Crushed Chickpeas Mixed with Sesame Oil, Lemon Juice & Olive Oil (V)

Hommos Beirutty - Chickpea Puree with Hot Green Chilli, Parsley, Sesame Paste & Lemon Juice (V)

Moutabal - Finley Chopped & Grilled Eggplant Mixed with Sesame Oil & Lemon Juice (V)

Tabbouleh - Finley Chopped Parsley, Tomato, Fresh Mint, Onions, a Touch of White Pepper & Crushed Wheat Mixed with Olive Oil & Lemon Juice (V)

Warak Inab - Vine Leaves Stuffed with Rice, Tomato, Onion, Parsley & Spices (V)

Labneh - Lebanese Cream Cheese Topped with Mint & Cucumber (V)


Hot Starters

Falafel - Deep Fried Bean & Fine Herb Croquette (V)

Foul Moudamas - Boiled Broad Beans Seasoned with Garlic, Lemon Juice & Olive Oil (V)

Batata Harra & Fried Vegetables - Cubes of Potatoes Sautéed with Garlic, Coriander, Sweet Pepper & Chilli (V)

Sujuk - Ground Beef Sausage with Lebanese Spices


Main Courses

Kofta Meshwi - Charcoal-grilled Skewer of Seasoned Minced Lamb with Onion & Parsley

Kofta Chicken - Charcoal-grilled Skewer of Seasoned Minced Chicken with Onion & Parsley

Grilled Shish Tawook - Charcoal-grilled Skewer of Marinated Chicken Cubes

Kofta Kosh Khash - Charcoal-grilled Skewer of Minced Lamb Served on a Bed of Spicy Sauce

Shawarma Lamb - Roasted Thin Slices of Marinated Prime Lamb, Sesame Oil Sauce, Onions, Parsley, Sweet Pepper & Tomato

Shawarma Chicken - Roasted Thin Slices of Marinated Chicken Breast, Garlic & Tomato Sauce

Mixed Shawarma - Lamb & Chicken (£1.50 supplement)

Baby Chicken - Charcoal-grilled Boneless Baby Corn Chicken, Served with Garlic Sauce

Biryani Chicken - Chicken, Mixed Peppers & Onion, Mixed with Rice, Served with a Cucumber Salad

Biryani Lamb Shawarma - Mixed Peppers & Onions Mixed with Rice, Served with Cucumber Salad

Biryani Prawn - Prawn, Mixed Peppers & Onion, Mixed with Rice, Served with a Cucumber Salad (£1.50 supplement)

Aubergine Moussaka - With Lamb & Served with Vermicelli Rice

Vegetable Biryani - Mixed Peppers & Onions, Mixed with Rice, served with a Cucumber Salad (V)

Vegetarian Platter - Moussaka, Loubieh B’zeit & Bammeih B’zeit (V)

Seabass Marinated In Lebanese Spices - Served with Salad or Chips (£1.50 supplement)








Valid from

21st January - 27th January 2019

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Terms and conditions apply. Not in conjunction with any other offers or promotions. Management reserve the right to withdraw the offer at any time.
Venue Details
  The Wafi Lounge, based above the existing Oasis Shisha Lounge is a cocktail and electronic shisha bar. Offering a unique Shisha Signature menu which stemmed from the challenge of making a luxurious lounge even more exciting; while creating an am...


0191 222 1202

48 Clayton Street West
Newcastle Upon Tyne

Opening Hours:

Open Sunday to Thursday 5pm till 1.30 am

Friday & Saturday 12 noon till 1.30am

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3 Courses £10


Wafi Lounge

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