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Spring Arrives at Fenwick Newcastle with Launch of the Decadent Fenwick Easter Collection

Prepare for a perfectly delicious Easter, with Fenwick Newcastle’s new seasonal chocolate treats, available for purchase now at fenwick.co.uk. From a handcrafted, Belgian chocolate, Burrowing Bunny, to a box of decadent fudge-filled scotch eggs, the Fenwick Easter collection has an egg for every inclination.

Burrowing Bunny

This sweet scene will make some-bunny very happy indeed come Easter. Handcrafted from milk and white Belgian chocolate by chocolatiers in Bath, eating veg has never been more delightful. Dig in!

Milk Chocolate Eggs with Oozy Yolks

Handmade in Somerset by Fenwick’s favourite family of chocolatiers these half-dozen Belgian milk chocolate eggs are oozing with silky chocolate ganache. A gift of sublime, sunshine-y chocolate happiness.

Decorated Chocolate Quail Eggs

Harking back to the tradition of hand painted Easter eggs, Fenwick’s prettily decorated miniatures, handmade from white Belgian chocolate, are every bit as delightful. A jewel box of bite-sized bliss to gift wherever and whenever a little brightness and joy might be appreciated.

Fudge-filled Scotch Eggs

Another twist on tradition, Fenwick’s quirky scotch eggs, handmade in Bath, offer up layers of deliciousness. A white chocolate 'yolk' nestled inside silky Belgian milk chocolate giving way to a fudgy salted caramel centre. Best enjoyed by someone who appreciates a little whimsy and outstanding chocolate.

Fenwick Newcastle’s staggeringly good selection of seasonal treats are available now at www.fenwick.co.uk/featured/easter-treats