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North East Candle Maker Aims to Set the Sector Alight

A North East luxury candle maker has taken her kitchen-based business to a new level by opening her first studio and workshop.

Charlotte Gibbons aims to become a shining light in the growing national market for luxury, scented candles.

Worthy Wax, established in 2021 by Charlotte and her husband Steven, now operates from commercial premises in Carliol Square, Newcastle.

With a collection of 12 specially created, signature scents and coming in two sizes in bespoke handmade vessels, Worthy Wax believes it can secure a foothold in this lucrative, albeit competitive market.

Aside from the premium products, what distinguishes Worthy Wax is a dedication to giving back. At least 10% of profits from candle sales are pledged to the Trussell Trust Foodbanks, a UK charity combating hunger and poverty. This charitable initiative reflects the founders’ deeply rooted values and their desire to make a meaningful impact on the less fortunate.

Charlotte explained: “What started as a simple idea rooted in a love for candle making and a desire to make a positive impact in our local community has evolved into something extraordinary.

While we remain keen to making a positive contribution to our community, the emphasis for Worthy Wax lies in crafting premium products. Considerable time and effort have been invested in perfecting the various components, ranging from the use of all-natural soy wax and selecting the appropriate wicks, to crafting handmade ceramic jars and choosing the scents.

Candles made from beeswax, soy, and other natural materials have been growing in popularity, and this interest is expected to increase further. Research shows consumers are seeking products that not only enhance their living spaces but also promote a healthier environment.

The popularity of the candle business in the UK has been on an upward trajectory over the past few years. Candles have transformed into decorative and aromatic must-haves for many homes, offices, and venues across the country. According to Statista, the UK candle market’s revenue was estimated to reach £272 million in 2023.

Charlotte is confident about the prospects of a new candle business in a crowded sector: “Despite the competitive nature of the candle market, the potential for growth and innovation remains vast. Today’s consumers seek not just candles, but experiences.

The luxury candle market is rapidly expanding, especially with an emphasis on distinctive designs and superior fragrances, making them ideal gifts. Beyond the consumer sphere, there’s potential in niche markets such as events, weddings and spas.

This mother of two young boys is already looking to expand her product range into scented wax melts. Charlotte added: “We are also considering introducing refills for our ceramic jars. Numerous other concepts are underway, with plans for development over the next year or two.”

Worthy Wax products are currently only available online in the UK. For more information visit

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