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Manahatta Launches New Drinks Menu with Giant Diamond Sharer, Kendall Jenners Tequilla, and 16 Vibrant 2-4-1 Cocktails

New York Inspired cocktail bar, Manahatta, has just launched it’s brand-new cocktail menu, with show-stopping drinks you will not want to miss.

The Manahatta brand is nearly 10 years old and operates across 9 locations in the country, including Leeds, Manchester, Birmingham, Newcastle, Sheffield, York, and Harrogate. The venue has become a go-to cocktail bar in Leeds, and is proving very popular in newer locations like Sheffield and Newcastle.

Upon launching the new drinks menu, Head of Bar Operations Mark Austin said this is their “biggest ever menu change” and it was developed following thorough market research. Mark and his team set out to create a menu that would offer the guest more than just a drink, but an elevated experience.

The Wish List: Inspired by all the things a girl could dream of the Wish List page in the menu holds several impressive drinks, all with something a little different! Perfect for Instagram or TikTok. In this section you will find the Grand Bouquet, an enchanting journey of taste and aroma, the Grand Bouquet fills the air with an enticing lychee mist, adding a dramatic flair to an already stunning cocktail.

The Martini Flight offers Manahatta guests the option to try 3 of their full-sized premium martinis on a tasting board, including the Breakfast at Tiffany’s, French Peartini and Goldstar Martini.

Any girls wish list would not be complete without a diamond, so raise a glass to glamour as you share the ‘Diamonds Are Forever’, a pink sharing cocktail poured from a stunning diamond-shaped vessel.

2-4-1 cocktails: Manahatta, renowned for its extensive array of lavish cocktails available on a 2-4-1 basis, is proud to unveil an even more enticing offering. The new menu features 16 captivating drinks curated across four distinctive categories.

Step into sophistication with our 'Six in the City' selection, boasting six signature cocktails that epitomize contemporary trends. Whether you crave The Glitz, a Spicy Margarita, or a tantalizing Booty Call, this signature collection is designed to tantalise your taste buds.

Just in time for the weather heating up, the ‘Vacation State of Mind’ section is ready to help you escape the city and imagine yourself somewhere slightly more exotic. The section includes the Watermelon Sugar and Coco Mango, transporting you to tropical bliss with every sip.

For those with an appetite for all things pink, our dedicated section promises a delightful array of options to accessorise any outfit. But fear not, as beloved classics such as the iconic Pornstar Martini and Maple Old Fashioned find their place in the ‘Creature of Habit’ section.

818 Tequilla: It doesn’t get much more glamorous than partying Kardashian style. Manahatta has added Kendall Jenner’s very own Tequilla to the menu, meaning those who really want to get the party started can order shots from the bar or a bottle to their table.

Join us at Manahatta and embark on a journey of cocktail sophistication like never before. Raise a glass and immerse yourself in the exquisite flavours of our latest creations.

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