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Horticulture Newcastle are planting 25,000 trees this Christmas, and not cutting them down!

Christmas usually involves copious amounts of turkey, tinsel and a Christmas tree, but not in new environmentally conscious bar and restaurant, Horticulture, this winter! This may seem like a plan straight out of Ebenezer Scrooge's playbook however there is deeper thought in this idea during the festive period.


Instead of cutting down one Christmas tree to stand inside the venue, Horticulture have announced they are teaming up with charity organization The Green Earth Appeal, with a new amazing directive called “Carbon Free Dining”, where a tree is planted for every diner that eats at the venue.

Owner, Mike Hesketh, explains “We keep being asked where our Christmas tree is? So we felt it was a great idea to announce that we will not have a tree cut down and stood inside the bar, but we are aiming to plant over 25,000 trees in 2020 instead!”

“Diners can pledge from just 50p each time they visit and this plants a fruit tree in Tanzania which ultimately will eradicate the carbon produced making their meal on that occasion. Ultimately we will be pretty much carbon neutral”

With the likes of activist Greta Thunberg and groups such as ‘Extinction Rebellion’ helping to bring the climate crisis to the forefront of the news and political importance, ideas like this all help to support the critical environmental issue we are all facing now and in the future.


Remember a tree is for life. Not just Christmas.


Horticulture. 1 Market Lane. Newcastle Upon Tyne. NE1 6QQ

For more info on full menu www.horticultureuk.co.uk

Or follow their progress on social media www.instagram.com/horticulturencl / www.facebook.com/horticulturencl