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Horticulture is a three-storey, vibrant restaurant and bar with a relaxed, bohemian atmosphere.


The restaurant offers a great selection of dishes, from breakfast and brunch (served until 3pm!) to dinner and snacks, with menus put together by expert chef Peter Breckon, who has worked beneath the likes of Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver! The restaurant has its own chef’s table, where you can sit at the kitchen counter and watch your exquisite meal be prepared before your eyes.


Horticulture also boast a celebrated Espresso Martini – or ‘Percolator’ – menu, which includes Rhubarb, Toffee Apple and Hibiscus & Rose variations of the iconic tipple. The bar also has a wide selection of classic and signature cocktails, as well as craft beers. Complete with their own twinkling and heated roof terrace, Horticulture is a perfect spot for date night, post-work drinks or catch-ups.


Were that not appealing enough, Horticulture also pride themselves on their environmentally-conscious and local approach to their food and drink. They emphasise fresh and organic produce, whilst constantly trying to reduce waste and their carbon footprint and to use as much renewable and biodegradable packaging as possible. Enjoy dining and sipping in this phenomenal, warm and cosy venue, safe in the knowledge that you’re getting great quality and ethical culinary delights.


Breakfast is served 8am - 3pm daily

Brunch is served 10am - 3pm daily

Dinner menu is served 3pm - 9:30pm daily

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