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Irish Language Lessons: Tyneside Irish Centre


Develop skills and learn to read basic text with Irish Language Lessons. Classes are free of charge as well as of binding commitment. If you would like to learn Irish, because of family connections or simply out of personal curiosity and interest, then contact Graeme Hutchinson. You would be made most welcome. Contact: Graeme Hutchinson ([email protected]) Monday 6.15 7.15pm   Irish Language Level 1b Begins week beginning 25th Jan This class is for those who have a basic knowledge of Irish, designed to develop knowledge acquired in Level 1A. In this class, you will develop your vocabulary & knowledge of Irish word & sentence structure. You will learn how to hold basic Conversation. Monday 7.30 8.30pm    Irish Language Level 2A begins week beginning 25th Jan This class is for those who already have a firm grasp of the basics of the Irish language. It consolidates knowledge acquired in Level 1, beginning to incorporate some grammatical techniques to enable you to develop greater variety & independence in your use of the language. You will learn how to use Irish verbs, how to recognize different types of noun and how to form plurals.
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Tyneside Irish Centre is based in Gallowgate and hosts a variety of events and also is available for room hire.


0191 261 0384


43-49 Gallowgate
Newcastle upon Tyne

Opening Hours:

Monday 12pm - 2am
Tuesday 12pm - 2am
Wednesday 12pm - 2am
Thursday 12pm - 2am
Friday 12pm - 2am
Saturday 12pm - 2am
Sunday 12pm - 2am


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