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Arcs and Sparks store tour:


First Wednesday of every month. The Discovery Museum, have a vast collection of historic electrical inventions, some which are on display in the galleries, and some which are stored in their Arcs and Sparks store in the basement. Come along to one of the store tours and meet the expert curators and volunteers as they tell you the stories of our greatest inventions which you'll get to see first hand.
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4th May - 7th December 2016

Wednesdays 4th May - 5th May 2016

Wednesdays 1st June - 2nd June 2016

Wednesdays 6th July - 7th July 2016

Wednesdays 3rd August - 4th August 2016

Wednesdays 7th September - 8th September 2016

Wednesdays 5th October - 6th October 2016

Wednesdays 2nd November - 3rd November 2016

Wednesdays 7th December - 8th December 2016

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