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St Vincent


St Vincent is a small cosy wine bar, inspired by the places fallen for while travelling in France and Italy. The sort of place for friends to hang out and enjoy great food and great drinks. Their offering is carefully curated; a selection of small plates for sharing, some of their favourite wines from small producers, a few of the cocktail classics they love most, plus beautiful hand-crafted charcuterie and cheeses.




St Vincent's menu reflects their belief that food should be simple, should be produce driven, delicious and nutritious. It should be well-sourced, should be harvested with the rhythm of the seasons and the ingredients should speak for themselves.


The great 17th Century Gastronome Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin declared that “you are what you eat”… if that’s the case then St Vincent is uncomplicated, fresh, delicious and vibrant.


Order as many plates as you like, they've been designed to be shared with friends or strangers. There is no set menu because you know what you like best.




The drinks list is as important to St Vincent as their food menu. They offer a generous selection of wines from Europe, many from small independent producers. Included are some natural, some biodynamic and some skin contact wines for the more adventurous, alongside some iconic names.




There is great cider, beer on draught and craft beers in bottle. Freshly mixed shandies, homemade lemonade plus a selection of interesting spirits and classic cocktails that have been pinched from places they love.


Coffee is well loved here too and there are those who say: “coffee fixes everything” – St Vincent happily buy into that!


All of the selections at St Vincent reflect the personal taste of their team, so please feel free to ask.

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