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Famed for their Detroit-style pizza, Square is Newcastle's newest pizza joint!

Located on Market Street, their mouth-watering pizzas are served deep and square with caramelized cheese crusts and morish crispy bases - are you hungry yet? 

Baked in traditional blue steel pans, this gives Squares the perfect balance of crispiness & chewiness, giving them a real authentic feel. You can choose to order by the slice, or take home the whole pie. Spoiler alert, the pie never makes it home!

If that wasn't enough, they've teamed up with Lola Jeans to create a pizza and burger tasty love child! Order their Clancy Wiggum or Classic and enjoy Square's signature pizzas with Smashed Burger Pattie toppings by Lola's. 

Whether you choose to enjoy your pizza in the store and watch the world go by or order a slice as a take out, this is a MUST on your visit list!

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