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Grainger Market


The Grainger Market is set in the heart of the city centre of Newcastle and hosts a wide range of specialist goods in its original setting.


Built in 1835, the Grade I listed building houses traditional market stalls offering a wide range of gift ideas including handmade goods and bespoke designs through to local food produce. This popular traditional indoor market provides a great diversity of goods and a unique shopping experience.


The History of the Grainger Market The Grainger Market is Newcastle's largest, traditional, covered market in the heart of Newcastle. Opened in 1835, you will find it in the Grainger Town area of the city, in a purpose-built, elegant and classically styled, Grade I listed building.


At the time of its opening it was the largest in Europe, being described by the Evening Chronicle as being the most magnificent in the world. The market has survived fires and two world wars and many original features remain today including the weighhouse which we continue to restore and protect.


The market is owned and operated by Newcastle City Council and continues to thrive and contribute to the commercial life of the city. Over time the mix of retailers has changed to reflect how shopping and Newcastle has evolved.


It has always been appreciated by its traditional market shoppers and are now being joined by tourists, students, city dwellers and shoppers from further afield looking for good quality, value and a friendly personal service.


It is located in the city centre, close to public transport and adjacent to the southern end of Eldon Square Shopping Centre. The Market is all at ground level and is accessible to everyone.


The market currently has 111 shop units offering a wide selection of goods and services ranging from traditional fruiterers and butchers, specialist foods, fashion, ethnic goods, cobblers and plant stalls (see the trader directory for more details).


There are also a variety of hot and cold food takeaways and cafés where you can relax and hear the friendly chat between traders and their customers.


Also hidden within the market (alley 3) is Marks and Spencer Original Penny Bazaar, the worlds oldest and smallest Marks & Spencer store which opened in 1895.

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