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Get to Know… Office

We speak to some of the staff at the Newcastle branch of Office to find out what it's like working in a busy store

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Get To Know... Office

Office has a reputation not only for a wide range of footwear brands at keen prices, but also a staff who are well-informed, helpful and make customers feel especially welcome.

We spoke to Lorna Johnson, the store manager at Office Eldon Square, to find out more about life in a busy high street store.

As a rule, sales staff working in high street retail are warm, welcoming and helpful, keen to share their expertise and endlessly patient with indecisive customers.  That’s as true of the staff at the Eldon Square branch of Office as it is anywhere, and we spoke to store manager Lorna to find out a little more about her role and her staff.

Lorna at Office Eldon Square Lorna at Office Eldon Square

Office has been a high street presence for four decades, selling affordable but fashion-forward footwear to women, men and kids. As Lorna and the rest of her staff explain, right now it’s Adidas and Uggs that are selling fastest (and also top the staff’s own list of favourites) but the store has a huge range of brands and many styles of shoe that are exclusive to Office alone. 

It’s a real privilege being able to work with such amazing brands, we really have the best range of footwear on the high street,” Lorna explains. “I love meeting new people, chatting to customers about their day, and helping them find their perfect shoe is really rewarding.  We recently relocated and this is our first Christmas in our brand new flagship store, which is really exciting."

Charlie at Office Eldon Square Charlie at Office Eldon Square

Lorna introduced us to some of the Eldon Square staff. First up there’s Charlie. 

I love the hustle and bustle; I enjoy the store most when it’s busy,” says Charlie and explains that new customers should expect “…to be welcomed with open arms and a fantastic customer service. The store has a contemporary feel, and we take great pride in it.

Laura at Office Eldon Square Laura at Office Eldon Square

Next up, meet Laura, who loves dealing with customers and getting to share her product knowledge. She agrees with Charlie that there’s always a warm welcome. 

You can expect to be greeted by friendly, approachable staff who are willing to help and offer advice should they require it. The vibe in the store is upbeat and welcoming.

Lauren at Office Eldon Square Lauren at Office Eldon Square

We also spoke with Lauren, who wants to emphasise the personalised, one-to-one service that she and her colleagues offer. 

Spending the time with each customer finding out what they like and what it is they want, to ensure we are helping them the best we can," she explains

And she clearly loves working there. 

The team are great and the customers we get in store make our day. We have a lot of students visiting the store, people that travel from different parts of the country and customers that have shopped with us for years," she added.

UGG at Office Eldon Square UGG at Office Eldon Square

All the staff we spoke to were upbeat, positive and clearly love working in the store. So if you’re looking for a new pair of killer heels for a party, sneakers for the club or something smart and practical for work, why not head to Office and let one of the team there help you out.

Office is at 1-3 Eldon Way, Eldon Square

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