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10 of the Best Hairdressers in NE1

We help take some of the stress out of choosing the right hairdresser by selecting ten of the best in the city.

7 mins Last updated:
10 of the Best Hairdressers in NE1

Whether you’re hoping to reinvent yourself with an avant-garde new look or just need your ‘do refreshing, Newcastle boasts a number of fine hairdressers and salons to help you look your best.

We’ve selected ten of the best destination hairdressers that will give your locks just what they need.

Junkyard Studios Junkyard Studios

Junkyard Studios, Pilgrim Street

Situated in the heart of the city on Newcastle's historic Pilgrim Street, The Junkyard is a beautiful, one-stop beauty shop complete with a cool surfer revival vibe. The perfect mix of classy and edgy, The Junkyard’s award-winning creative hairdressing and photographic studio is more than meets the eye. They pride themselves on being a sustainable, vegan, cruelty-free salon - this professional establishment is one to watch in the Toon.

Toni & Guy Toni & Guy

Toni & Guy, Ridley Street

The iconic hairdressing super-brand are nationally known for bringing their A-game, ready to craft your perfect look. Located on Ridley Place, they offer a range of hairdressing services, fit for any occasion. Stay on the cutting-edge at Toni & Guy, from styling and a colour to the full treatment. Enjoy the fashion week experience from leading professionals.

House Of Savannah House Of Savannah

House Of Savannah, Leazes Park Road

Loved for its luxurious spa surroundings and soothing treatments, House of Savannah is a safe bet when it comes to a haircut overhaul. The Insta-worthy boutique has a fresh vibe complete with decadent furnishings, a drinks trolley and the perfect selfie lighting. Handy, as you'll want to capture your brand new cut on camera immediately!

Wilde's Wilde's

Wildes of Ridley Place, Ridley Place

There’s nothing like a gorgeously girly salon to get you relaxed and enjoying your trip to the hairdressers, and Wildes doesn’t disappoint. Step into their calming interior and let the experts work their magic on your mane – it has rave reviews and it’s certainly worth a visit. Specialising in colour, Wildes is the place for you whether you want to take the plunge and experiment with a crazy hue, or simply get your normal highlights popping.

Y Salon Y Salon

Y Salon, Eldon Gardens

Situated in the heart of Eldon Gardens, Y Salon has continually raised its standards, being listed as one of the best salons in the UK and having its work featuring in Vogue Magazine. Like Vogue, Y Salon offers nothing but professionalism and beauty, and has the reputation to prove it. However, Newcastle is deeply rooted in their DNA - so much so that they are the creators of and home to the original ‘Geordie Blowdry’. So, are you ready for your close up?

Skullduggeri Skullduggeri

Skullduggeri, Grey Street

Skullduggeri is a small independent salon with a big reputation, built up over almost twenty years of operation. They offer the full range of stylings and colour treatments and have a website bursting with positive customer reviews, with some customers going back for years because they love both the cut and the cosy atmosphere.

Green Ginger Hairdressing, Higham Place

The Green Ginger team have been operating for thirty years and have a particular emphasis on colour – they use organic colours so they last longer and do less damage. Another speciality is hair smoothing, so if your hair is unruly and frizzy, they’ll be able to help tame your wild locks. They offer a wide range of styles – for men and women – and are only too happy to help you get a bit experimental with your new cut.

Nicholas Mark Nicholas Mark

Nicholas Mark Hairdressing, Saville Place

Nicholas Mark Hairdressing is a busy salon with a busy website, packed with details of the treatments they provide and some of the special offers too – there’s a first-time visit cut and blow-dry offer, for example. Their experienced team can handle anything you ask of them, from a simple cut to straightening and colour treatments, and they’ll even trim your fringe for free!

Collective Hairdressing, Ridley Place

Collective Hairdressing are a multi-award winning salon and they clearly take hair very seriously. They offer a bespoke five-step consultation and use a SalonLab Smart Digital Hair Analyzer to make sure they know exactly what you need (and this extends to scalp and hair health as well as just the style). From balayage to intense hair care treatments, Collective Hairdressing are clearly at the cutting edge of hair styling and it shows.

Hair Mechanics Hair Mechanics

Hair Mechanics, Thornton Street

Based in a lovely Grade II listed building on the edge of Chinatown, the four-strong Hair Mechanics team radiate a sense of community and each stylist has their strengths so they offer an in-depth service covering all sorts of styles and treatments. They’ve given a lot of thought to sustainability and ethics too, which extends to the products they use and their refill service. Men and kids are welcome too.

Getting your hair styled or cut can be a stressful experience but we’re sure any of these Newcastle salons will offer reassurance, advice and a great service. So if you’re looking to put some pizzazz into your hair you know where to head!

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