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Tips To Help You Relax At Home In Lockdown

We’ve rounded up five ways to help you relax at home during lockdown…. 

Read a book >> 

Sometimes we just need to escape the reality of the world we’re living in. Whether it’s an autobiography from your favourite celebrity, an edge-of-your-seat fictional tale or an inspiring novel filled with positivity and advice, simply switch off and get lost in the pages of a good book.

While we’re unable to visit Newcastle City Library, there’s plenty of content available for us to enjoy online. A Newcastle Libraries membership gives you 24-hour access to hundreds of ebooks, audiobooks and digital magazines available to download directly to your device, meaning we’re still able to hunker down and take some time out to read for a little while.


Eat good food >>

When in doubt, bring the tasty food out. Spice things up in the kitchen by recreating your favourite Las Iguanas dishes. Try your hand at everything from tapas and side dishes, to vegan mains and restaurant favourites such as chilli con carne and moqueca de palmitos. Time to add some colourful cuisine to your weekly menus!


Indulge in some ‘me time’ >> 

There’s nothing better than lighting some candles, popping on a face mask, running the hot tap and soaking in a bath full of Lush products. Our chums over at Lush have had to temporarily close their doors. Even though we can’t smell, feel and swoon over the dreamy bubble bars, bath bombs and skincare, we can still order all of our favourites online. If we’ve learned anything during the pandemic, it’s the importance of self-care, to remind ourselves that it’s okay to take time out to care for number one. 


Take up yoga >> 

A happy body means a happy mind - and the team at Happy Yoga are here to make sure we’re doing just that while we’re stuck at home. Sign up online and get access to a whole host of good-for-you sessions covering everything from beginner’s yoga, to pregnancy yoga and more. Rolling out the mat and giving yourself the space to enjoy a bit of ‘me time’ is just what we need to get us through these difficult times.


Write in a journal >> 

There’s something quite therapeutic about putting pen to paper and writing down your thoughts and feelings. Journaling comes with its fair share of purposes, whether it’s releasing your inner monologue, jotting down your creative ideas, documenting your day or quite simply taking notes. 

Lockdown can be lonely, stressful and to put it bluntly, boring, so what better way to pass the time then try your hand at journaling. While our pals at Typo in Eldon Square are currently closed, their cool notepads, pens and quirky accessories are still available to purchase online. 


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