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Spotlight On: Central Arcade Newcastle

We check in with the businesses inside the beautiful Central Arcade... 



Having started out as a small independent cafe in the leafy suburbs of Heaton, The Naked Deli headed for the bright lights of the city as they embarked on a mission to give the people of NE1 a true taste of their beautiful, good-for-the-soul food.

Fast forward to 2021 and they have gone on to open four new sites across the North East - a fab indicator of just how well loved their food is. The concept of The Naked Deli is a simple one and it’s one that we can’t get enough of.

You won't find anything processed on their menu - everything they serve is freshly prepared in their cool, Scandi-inspired deli. This means no hidden sugars, E-numbers, hormones or chemicals that you can't pronounce, and they only use grass-fed meats, free-range chicken, responsibly sourced fish and organic eggs and dairy in their dishes.





Now the Central Arcade wouldn’t feel the same if it wasn’t for this cheeky business causing a stir with their laugh-out-loud, tongue-in-cheek greeting cards! The go-to spot if you’re keen on sliding dad a brazen reminder of his age or looking for a Line of Duty-inspired greetings card.

These stationary supremos have gained a cult following since the introduction of their hilarious gifting ideas - expect great designs and edgy humour in abundance as you stock up at this Central Arcade favourite.




Having first opened in 1908, J.G. Windows is one of the UK's longest established music stores and their elegant, Edwardian flagship store is a mecca for music aficionados. Apart from having a mesmerizing selection of Gretsch and Fender guitars, this lot also stock a wide range of pianos, keyboards, ukuleles, drums and an entire ground floor dedicated to vinyl records and some seriously sweet hi-fi setups. 

They are renowned for their industry-leading knowledge, they have a plethora of expert staff on hand and they have an extensive range of quality musical instruments and accessories. Check it out!





We were overjoyed to learn that Size? would be kicking their shoes off and setting up shop in our lush Central Arcade. Since fully reopening as the world wakes up again, the squad at Size? have been dropping some seriously cool, limited edition kicks that have been carefully curated by the staff to reflect NE1’s vibrant fashion scene, as well as using the Central Arcade as a backdrop for tons of their forward-thinking fashion shoots.

With a brand roster that includes Nike, Adidas Originals, North Face, Carhartt, Vans, Stussy, Patagonia and New Balance to name but a few, Size? is one of the UK’s leading names when it comes to streetwear authority on footwear, apparel and accessories. A class addition to the Toon’s shopping scene and one we’re sure will leave a lasting impression for years to come.




What can we say that hasn’t already been said about these opulent optometrists? Apart from a big thank you for keeping our vision intact and the fact that they’ve kept our faces looking fresh with their uber-cool range of frames, Laura, Nic, Frederike, Rachel and Ruth have been a breath of fresh air since moving into their beautiful store in the city centre.

An optometrist that stands head and shoulders above your usual run of the mill store, the Grey St team have a clear passion for the world of independent eyewear as the team hand-pick frames and sunglasses from across the globe to bring you a wide range of amazing eyewear. 

Their appointments are up and running, so whether you're due a new pair of specs, an eye test, or you just want to pop in and be inspired by some high fashion, make sure you check out Grey St Opticians.




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