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School's Out: Summer Schools in NE1

Nobody wants to hear the dreaded b-word in the summer holidays, and with our roundup of NE1’s best summer schools, you can banish boredom until the school year begins again come September.

Harness your young’uns’ creative, sporting and even culinary talents with activities from footie to filmmaking on offer across the city. Have them develop their confidence and make new pals, then enjoy the art, film and food they bring home with them… everyone’s a winner!



Where? The Laing Art Gallery

When?  31st July – 4th August

Pint sized Picassos and mini Monets will love the range of artistic activities that are part of the Laing’s week-long Summer School. From painting to 3D artistry, they’re sure to find a medium that floats their boat, and with a different arts professional teaching each day of the week, they’ll be under expert guidance to boot. The first day of each course will be held at the Great North Museum: Hancock of the Discovery Museum, with the rest of the week spent at the Laing. Once the kids have produced a masterpiece of their own, they can spend time soaking up the gallery’s magnificent collection. £100.




Where? Tyneside Cinema

When? 28th August – 1st September, 10am – 3pm

Think you’ve got the next Stephen Spielberg or Matt Groening in the family? Tyneside Cinema’s film summer schools are perfect for 13-16 year old creative types; with a focus on animation in late August, all those hours watching cartoons can finally be put to good use. Your child will work with kids their own age to develop scripts and characters, before animating their story in a wonderful week of workshops that are fantastic for beginners as well as those with a little more experience under their belt. See the results of their hard work yourself in a mini-world-premiere of all the films produced on the last day of summer school. £150.




Where? Sport Central

When? 24th July – 25th August, 8.30am – 5pm

Sporty superstars won’t want to miss out on a flexible and affordable programme of summer sport throughout the school holidays. With multiple types of sport tuition available, friendly staff and plenty of kids their own age, it’s a great way to get your little Olympians out of the house and enjoying the six week break. Classes last all day, so it’s ideal for busy mams and dads working the holidays. Typical sports offered include football, netball, quick cricket, basketball, dodgeball and athletics…there really is something for everyone, and all in a warm and supportive environment. £17 per day or £75 for the week.




Where? Theatre Royal

When? 14th – 18th August, 9.30am – 4pm

Has your youngster got a flair for the dramatic? Make the most of it with a summer school bursting with cool workshop sessions to teach them essential theatre skills, held in Newcastle’s iconic Theatre Royal to get them feeling extra theatrical. Whether their passion is acting, stage combat, makeup or set design, there’s a workshop to get their creative juices flowing. Your kids will be surrounded by fellow 8-14 year olds, so they’re sure to make a whole posse of new pals they can thank when they win their first Oscar! £135.




Where? Blackfriars Restaurant

When? Two day courses, 9.30am – 4pm

Get your littles along to one of these two-day workshops. A relaxed morning spent cooking is followed by a healthy lunch, followed by a not-so-healthy treat desert, then more fun in the kitchen. Not only will your kids be able to build their cooking confidence and meet new mates, they’ll be fed and watered for the day and even bring home what they don’t manage to munch! Now that’s a tempting offer. £65.


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