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Renowned local gallery North East Art Collective to showcase work from contemporary Newcastle artists at INNSiDE


INNSiDE Newcastle, part of Meliá Hotels International, is excited to announce the launch of a new art installation with renowned Newcastle gallery North East Art Collective, part of an ongoing collaboration to showcase work from contemporary local artists. 


The collaboration with North East Art Collective is a reflection of the hotel’s commitment to local culture. The gallery prides itself on supporting artists within the region, creating opportunities to flourish, whilst also celebrating the city’s unique talent, culture and heritage around the world. The collaboration is in keeping with INNSiDE's philosophy ‘Stay Curious’, which promises to accommodate guests’ every need with considered comforts and inspired experiences. 


The second to sixth floor lift lobbies at INNSiDE Newcastle have been transformed, displaying large scale artworks from five local artists Robert Myers, Rasa Zilinskaite, Deborah Cauchi, David Rogerson and Darren Mundy


Robert Myers is a North East based artist with a history in computer graphic visualisation. He has over 20 years of experience, growing up with a developing industry. Robert loves working in oil and trying to capture the world around him. Roberts City paintings have provided him with so much joy and inspiration and allowed him to see the world in a different way.


Commenting on his piece, ‘Tyne View’, Robert said: "This one is for all the Geordies out there who love this wonderful city. I make no apologies for this painting. It shows the Tyne and Swing Bridges at night with the city lit around it. I wanted to show how the Tyne which was once the lifeblood of the city reflects the night lights adding to the landscape. It's my love of the city which inspired me to paint this view. It’s taken from the high level bridge looking back up the Tyne and it is this magical scene which I loved so much I just had to paint it."


Artist Rasa Zilinskaite was born and educated in Lithuania, she graduated from Vilnius Art Academy with a Masters degree in Art and Design. Nearly 20 years ago Rasa married a Geordie named Nick and has been living in Newcastle ever since. The North East is home to Rasa now, and she absolutely loves the area. With its friendly people and its fascinating industrial heritage. Her piece 'Off to the Match' is acrylic on canvas and features St James Park just before the match, Newcastle United supporters heading to the football ground, bustling with lots of people and lively atmosphere. 


Rasa comments "My husband and I were season ticket holders for many years. I remember the joy when Newcastle bought Alan Shearer. I know the elevating feeling when you first enter St James Park and see the lit up pitch, the majestic football ground, the noise, the atmosphere and no matter how cold it is in the depth of winter, there will be a few supporters wearing just short sleeve football shirts with nothing underneath."


Deborah Cauchi was born and bred in the North East. She graduated from the University of Sunderland in 2009 with a BA (Hons) in Fine Art. Since graduating Deborah has exhibited and sold at numerous Art Fairs around the UK, including Edinburgh and Cheshire and currently has work in many galleries around the UK. She has also had multiple solo shows and won The People’s Choice, national art competition in 2010. Deborah is a figurative artist who has a “healthy” obsession with Lego and vintage toys; inspiration comes from her own experiences relating to human emotions and memories of childhood. 


Deborah commented "This piece came from the idea to create a new series of works involving Storm Troopers, Love Heart sweets and some of the famous quotes used in the movie franchise. As soon as I heard that line the idea was born and I am very happy with how the painting has been received by the public. Hearing that this image has been chosen by the hotel is amazing, as an artist it is always lovely to see your work in situ and the fact that it will be on such a large scale just adds to that feeling."


David Rogerson was born in Newcastle-upon-Tyne, and currently works as a professional Town Planner. This has allowed him to fully appreciate the architectural beauty of the built environment both in the UK and worldwide. David is interested in the urban form, and the movement of life within. In developing his drawings David enjoys achieving perspective and including all necessary detail to provide the viewer with an image of real depth.


David commented "The drawing of Grey Street, drawn in graphite pencil, was influenced by the beautiful Georgian architecture along one of Newcastle's iconic streets. It includes the majestic Theatre Royal and the famous landmark Grey's Monument. The historic street and buildings, together with the pedestrian and vehicle movement at street level, resulted in the creation of this detailed piece of artwork. As an artist I am delighted to have my image displayed at such a large scale, in a multi-national hotel within the heart of Newcastle. It is a privilege to have my work on display at such a venue, and I hope it will be enjoyed over a long period of time by INNSiDE's many guests". 


Darren Mundy works from his home studio in Whitley Bay where he lives with his wife and 2 sons. He is a self-taught artist and has developed his Hilltown brand from a small sketch in a book, to a wide collection of original paintings and prints that are recognised and popular throughout the UK and beyond. He is creating avid collectors of his work and is selling his paintings to international clients. Darren works in acrylics to create his original artworks. He uses a vivid colour palette to achieve maximum impact, with a strong contrast of light and dark colours.


Darren commented "Being a North East artist, it’s very hard not to be influenced by the visuals of North East architecture and the North East passion. My painting ’The Great North’ is a celebration of all things North East wrapped up in my Hilltown world, with everything from the iconic bridges on the Tyne to Greys Monument the North East is a place of global stature and that is what I tried to convey with this particular piece. Having it on this large scale at INNSiDE by Melia hotel is a huge thrill, most certainly the largest scale this piece has ever been reproduced at so I'm very much looking forward to seeing it in situ".