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Rainbow Rises Over Newcastle Castle

A rainbow flag was raised over Newcastle in a bid to lift the spirits of each and every person that calls Newcastle home or holds Newcastle in their hearts for whatever their reason. It was raised to show Newcastle Castle’s global solidarity. The place where the city of Newcastle upon Tyne began has survived through significant periods of strife, turmoil, war, fire and plague dotted throughout the eight or more centuries that its stronghold, the Castle Keep, has watched over and secured the City. Since re-opening as a visitor attraction in 2015 it has found its place once again as part of the ‘lifeblood of the City’. The rainbow flag replaced the usual Union Jack flying proudly from the flag tower of the Castle which probably has some of the best views over the City and the quayside. When all is said and done the flag will be swapped back to the Union Jack.

Ben Smith, CEO of The Heart of the City Partnership said, “The rainbow reminds us that there is hope and light to follow even after dark times. It has become the global symbol of hope throughout a crisis the scale of which only a few have ever seen before, until now. Newcastle Castle has battled its way through so many crises over the centuries and it still stands the test of time. It seemed only fitting to raise a rainbow over Newcastle Castle and the City to show our local, national and global solidarity as well as our hope that life will return to the city, and beyond, soon. When it does, we look forward to welcoming our visitors into a safe and friendly environment and to continuing our core educational support to schools from around the region and further afield.”

About Newcastle Castle:

Steeped in history this imposing Norman fortress, in the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, is a rugged reminder of northern England's turbulent history. This was no baron's stately home. Newcastle Castle is a grim reminder of royal authority where armies gathered and criminals were imprisoned and executed. It is where the story of Newcastle began, the reason the city got its name and has the most commanding views over the city and the River Tyne. 

Newcastle Castle is operated by registered charity The Heart of the City Partnership. It is run independently and relies almost completely on monies raised from admission ticketing, education and outreach work, venue hire and its cultural programme of film nights, theatre, talks and music gigs. No revenue grants are received year on year. We are receiving some support from Government to help us see through the current crisis but any help you can give by donating online at http://www.newcastlecastle.co.uk/ticketing/donation-to-newcastle-castle is appreciated and will help us sustain the great work that we have been undertaking, taking care of your heritage and using your heritage to benefit the younger generations in their education and other generations in their interests and hobbies.