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NQ64 Levels up with Top-Tier Summer Drinks Menu

Gear up, gamers! Retro arcade game & classic console venue NQ64, is levelling up this summer with a brand new cocktail menu and delicious drinks deals, that will have you pressing "start" round after round.

Launching on May 9th, the neon splattered drinking den is shaking things up with a new and refreshed concoction of classic cocktails, twisted reboots, and game-themed creations, all created by its in-house drinks experts.

Highlighted among the lineup are brand new arcade cocktails including the Lemmingade, a zesty, summery delight (Limoncello, Absolut Citron, lemon, Pink Hooch, prosecco, rosemary); the Golden-Iced Latte, inspired by a vanilla iced latte and including NQ64’s Worther’s Original infused coco-milk (Havava Especial, Licor 43, butterscotch, espresso, and butterscotch foam) and the Royal Crumble, a light and sweet martini-style treat (Jack Daniel’s Apple, lime, rhubarb, custard). Every sip is a high score!

Brace yourself for some twisted reboots - timeless cocktails with game-themed twists, including the Disco Stu Daiquiri (Duppy White, bubblegum & lime), Kong Island Iced Tea (Absolut vodka, El Jimador tequila, Beefeater gin, Wray & Nephew rum, Caribbean pineapple, tea & sour peach), and the Mad Max Zombie (house rum blend, grapefruit, pineapple, guava, orange, cherry, & cinnamon fire).

For those looking for a sober adventure, fear not! The NQ64 team spent just as long on their non-alcoholic cocktails like the No Uka Uka (Caleno 0%, guava, pineapple & refresher syrup) and the Hits From The Pong (Raspberry, guava, kimi & lime - can be made with CBD) that are sure to keep your taste buds entertained, minus the hangover.

Happy Hour Cocktail Classix

For those who love the cocktail classics, six expertly made favourites have been added to the menu including Espresso Martini, Aperol Spritz, Margarita and Mai Tai. Crafted with top-tier ingredients, these cocktails put the class in classix.

And here's the ultimate power-up: all 6 clas-six (get it?) are just 6 quid across 6 days (Sunday-Friday) with the POWER UP! deal* (no devilish references here – just a love for the number 6). A deal so good, it's practically cheating!

But wait, there's more… Introducing their Multiplayer 6-Pack Carry Case, where players can take a 6 pack of Hooch or White Claw around the arcade whilst playing – because why let a little thing like going to the bar interrupt your gaming session?

James Taylor, in-house drinks expert at NQ64, said: “When we dreamt up our new drinks menu, we wanted to match the fun and excitement of our games, whilst shouting about the top-notch quality of our cocktails. We whip up every drink concept right here in-house with our talented Head Bartenders, drawing from our extensive knowledge of cocktail history. We've got our fair share of arcade game fame, but our cocktails? They're the real MVPs."

Joel Grey, NQ64’s co-drinks expert, also commented: “We spare no effort in ensuring the highest quality ingredients, even creating some of our syrups and cordials in-house, such as our Cherry Blossom Old Fashioned syrup and the Worther's Original-infused coco-milk, used in the Golden Latte. Our specially selected ingredients and unique methods are what sets our cocktails apart from those found in your average bar.”

NQ64 is the neon graffiti-splattered drinking den, bringing drinks and button bashing to Newcastle. Enjoy cocktails and craft beers while playing a range of retro arcade machines, pinball and classic consoles to the sounds of a DJ. Rediscover the iconic video games of yesteryears as you dive into beloved classics like Pac-Man, Mario Kart, Guitar Hero, Time Crisis, and Point Blank.

NQ64 is located at 82 Pilgrim St, Newcastle upon Tyne NE1 6SG and is open seven days a week, from 4PM to 2PM on weekdays, from 12PM to 2PM on weekends.

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