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JaackMaate’s Happy Hour to Embark on ‘The Big Fat Massive Hunt’ Tour

Phil McIntyre Live is thrilled to announce that the award-winning smash hit podcast, JaackMaate’s Happy Hour is heading out on the road again with a brand new stage show - that nobody asked for. Following on from their debut tour last year, Jack, Robbie, Stevie and Alfie will embark on a magical quest that makes Lord of the Rings look like an uneventful trip to an industrial estate.

The Big Fat Massive Hunt will open in Edinburgh on 10th May before continuing to Newcastle at the Tyne Theatre & Opera House on Sunday 11th May 2024.

If you thought The Round Sheep tour was questionable, this new show, which critics are calling ‘the tricky second tour’ promises incredible special effects, unbelievable costumes and an insanely creative plot as the boys embark on Happy Hour’s Big Fat Massive Hunt*. (*the incredibleness of the special effects, unbelievability of the costumes and insane creativity of the plot are subject to personal perspective and do not constitute a legally binding contract).

As one of the UK’s most popular podcasts, regularly topping the Spotify charts, JaackMaate’s Happy Hour welcomes some of the biggest celebrities to join them to discuss life’s big questions, silly stories and plenty of nonsense.

JaackMaate said today: "Last year in Brighton, a lady was so offended that she complained to the theatre and left before the show had even started. I’m not quite sure how we can top that, but I promise you, we’re going to bloody try.”

Stevie White added: “After months being bullied in the studio, I look forward to being bullied in some of our nation’s most beautiful and historic theatres.”

Robbie Knox said: “As a 46-year-old man with three children I’m absolutely delighted to be spending almost three weeks staying in hotels. I hope some of them have swimming pools.”

Alfie Indra quite simply: “I’m just happy to be involved.”


Jaackmaate, or Jack Dean, is a Norwich-based YouTuber with 1.4 million subscribers. Jack has been a YouTuber for over a decade and started the Happy Hour podcast in 2018. He is a presenter for his favourite football team, West Ham United, and is a keen poker player and an aficionado of soft play areas. Stevie White is a Twitch streamer and content creator signed to David Beckham’s esports company Guild. After studying animation at university Stevie trained to be an optician, leaving in 2021 to work full time on Happy Hour and Twitch. He has a pet guinea pig called Martin. Robbie Knox is a YouTuber, Twitch streamer, producer, director and writer. Robbie worked on Sky Sports’ flagship sports entertainment show Soccer AM from 2000-2007 before leaving to start his own production company. He was the first goalkeeper to win a trophy at the new Wembley Stadium (whilst playing for a Soccer AM team) and used to live in a ski resort in Canada.

To buy tickets visit:

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