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Horticulture announces new sister venue!


Exciting plans are ‘cultivating’ down on Pilgrim Street in Newcastle, with new plans for an extension to Horticulture and an all new sister venue being recently announced by venue owner, Mike Hesketh (Horticulture Leisure Ltd).


“It’s been a great few opening years for Horticulture, albeit challenging with the pandemic just after we opened, but the return since has been phenomenal, and we really needed more space. When Don Vitos became a victim of the pandemic and didn’t reopen, we didn’t take too long to acquire it, sitting next door to Horticulture."


Those that are old enough to remember the glory days of Don Vitos will know what a unique and special space it was. The building dates back over a hundred years and it has catered for and entertained  thousands over the past decade or so, as recently as 2021, then Don Vitos closed its doors for the last time due to a torrid period during the pandemic. Although sad for the city and customers to see such a favourite fall, Horticulture reached out to rescue the building from falling into disrepair and begin the lengthy process of changing the structure and layout of the space, and ultimately renovating it to become an all new venue that connects to the already thriving Horticulture.


“Although the space connects to Horticulture through a discrete set of stairs, and will ultimately be a part of our overall vibe, the new sister venue will have its own new name, concept, music policy, drinks and food menus, and a fresh unique atmosphere. Above all it will still have its foundations built on our quality bespoke cocktails, fresh distinctive food and all with our local independent creativity and attitude.”



The space is fully under construction by Barnes Thompson Developments under design and project management from owner Mike Hesketh and is set to be completed in June ready for a launch towards the end of the month.


The finishes and creative details are  vital for my vision so it’s taken much longer than expected to get to this point but we can’t wait to open our doors as soon as we can, look out for news coming soon on our Horticulture social channels for more info!”


Situated in the heart of the city, the new sister venue will have a new name, a new concept, and its own entrance. The new cocktail lounge and restaurant is set to open towards to end of June/ early July, so keep an eye out!


Follow their progress and more information on social media:

www.instagram.com/horticulturencl / www.facebook.com/horticulturencl