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Home-grown, Newcastle Business is ready to Spark out the competition!

New Apex Ltd., the young entrepreneurs behind popular North-East promotion app, StreetAway, are taking on some of the largest businesses in Hospitality when they launch their new smart Hospitality Management System, ‘Spark’, this April. Spark has already found its home in a number of Newcastle trial venues and they’re working hard to develop innovative and intelligent tools for hospitality. They hope to help the North East Hospitality Industry lead the way with new technological innovation.


Marketing Director, David Cook explains: 
“With hospitality being such an important part of the economy in the North East and the large number of fantastic venues we’re lucky to have here, many of whom have won awards on the National stage, we can’t think of a better place to base ourselves and serve the industry. We’ve been lucky to have benefitted from many of the local regional growth funds and are proud to do our part to bring new jobs and wealth to the region.”

 “We’ve brought together a team of leading hospitality experts to design a full Hospitality Management system, incorporating EPoS, Unlimited Reservations & CRM into one unified package. Packages for all of these start from £128pcm., including the option for sleek tableside-ordering handheld devices and a free app to give customers of any venue the ability to order and pay via their phones. It’s now never been easier for smaller independent venues to take advantage of technology innovations utilised by some of the larger chains, at a fraction of the price.”


In a recent survey, 82% of companies see ‘Online Ordering’ & ‘In App Payments’ as the most important future tools for their business (UK Hospitality, 2018). Spark is perfectly placed to provide market-leading technology and easy integration for both those features without breaking the bank. In fact, in the same study, 73% of businesses see winning market-share from the competition as the most important growth driver. With Spark able to help venues retain existing customers and engage new ones in a way that wasn’t possible before, winning that extra market-share is now a straight-forward proposition.


Large, touch-sensitive customer facing screens allow quick service venues the ability to market their services to a captive audience and encourage sign-ups to loyalty programmes and newsletters. A link from the PoS to the StreetAway app network will in future, through the use of big data and AI analysis, allow venues to directly target local customers (with a history of interest in their type of business) with bespoke live offers. This allows hyper-customisation of offers which hasn’t been seen before, making business promotions much more effective and increasing overall ROI of marketing activities.


Spark is available immediately through pre-orders online at www.sparkepos.com and will be ready to ship from today.