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NE1 Street Rangers: Our City, Our Streets, Our Rangers

All you need to know about the unsung heroes of NE1...


We all see them going about their every day duties in NE1, but we bet you don't know everything our Street Rangers do for the city and its people.

The team in bright blue jackets go above and beyond to keep the city at its very best. Their main goal is to help both visitors and the people of NE1 get the most from our city by keeping on top of everything from everyday maintenance and a bit of business TLC, to event preparations and working with emergency services.



From repairing street lights and cleaning up public spaces, to assisting visitors and chatting to locals, their job is to make Newcastle an enjoyable, clean and safe place to be.

Our trusty team of Street Rangers are here to help both businesses and members of the public in and around the city centre. Friendly, approachable and great to have around, they’re a real asset to our city and deserve all the credit they get!



The Street Rangers are our eyes, our ears, our friends and our heroes. They really do make the streets of Newcastle a better place for everyone!

Remember that snow we had a few weeks ago? Well, our team were out taming the Beast at 7am each morning making the city a safer place for people to get to work.



One of our Street Rangers, Scott Sum and his colleague, Rich McLean saved a life in December last year, performing CPR after a man had collapsed in the street. Just weeks later, Scott again stepped into the breach when he apprehended two shoplifters and held them until police arrived to arrest them. All NE1 Street Rangers are trained in first aid and continue to help keep our city a safe place to live, work and enjoy.



Fancy getting involved? Team NE1 are looking for Ranger Volunteers who will support Street Rangers and Clean Team-ers during the busy summer months.



Anyone interested in volunteering (over 18s only) get in touch: [email protected]

We'd love to see more of your tweets about our Street Rangers and how they help the people of NE1 on a daily basis in the city. Tweet us at: @NewcastleNE1


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