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NE1 Reviews: Trap Food House

NE1 dives into Newcastle’s only seafood soul restaurant that everyone’s been talking about - it’s Trap Food House…


Opening its doors in October 2020, Trap Food House has been the talk of the Toon ever since. Nestled away on Waterloo Street, just across the road from the Centre For Life, Trap Food House is Newcastle’s little slice of New Orleans soul. Dishing up signature southern classics like mouthwatering seafood, grilled steaks, wings and mac ‘n’ cheese just like momma used to make. 



After hearing lots of people raving about this hidden gem, we had to drop in to see if it lived up to the hype. Looking to get the most authentic experience, our server recommended we pair the ‘Cajun Salmon’ (£9.50) with the ‘Cajun Mac ‘n’ Cheese’ (£4). 



It's an unlikely pairing of a seafood classic and staple soul food that’s all about comfort - but it works! The aromatic and warmingly spicy combination of Cajun seasonings marries these two small dishes together in perfect taste-bud pleasing harmony. Creamy cheese meets melt in your mouth salmon with a homemade Cajun twist - what’s not to love?



If you’d prefer something a little more hands on we’d recommend getting stuck into the delicious ‘Shrimp Po’Boy’ (£15) and matching that up with Trap Food House’s famous ‘Crab Fries’ (£6). The ‘Shrimp Po’Boy’ is a soft sub roll stuffed with crisp fried shrimp, lush salad leaves and tasty garlic mayo - it’s peak southern soul goodness! Word on the street is Trap Food House’s ‘Crab Fries’ are incredible - you’ll never think of fries as a boring side ever again after tasting these beauties. Tastefully spiced Cajun fries layered with chunks of succulent crab and finished with some more garlic mayo for good measure… the hype is definitely real.



If you’re feeling super hungry sometimes normal menu items just won’t cut it - that’s where Trap Food House’s infamous combos come in! Ranging from the modest ‘Trap Combo’ (£18), featuring your choice of Cajun squid, salmon or fried shrimp with two sides, to the gargantuan ‘Trap Food House Combo’ (£120). For your money you’ll get a steak surf & turf, king crab legs, regular crab legs, a whole lobster and six sides! Eating like a king has never been easier.



If you’ve got any room left (props to you if you do!), then finish off your meal with a ‘Sweet Waffle’ (£5) with your choice of topping - our favourite has to be the peanut butter!


Trap Food House without doubt has one of the most unique menus in town and it certainly lives up to the hype. So, if you fancy tucking into some deliciously comforting soul food get yourself to the most talked about house in town!



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