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NE1 Reviews: Square

NE1 gets a slice of the action at Square, the beautiful new pizza parlour at NO.1 Market Street...


Market Street has always been a hive of activity. Here, the likes of dAt bAr serve up some of the finest drinks in the city and Lola Jeans knock out some incredibly delicious food - some of the best burgers in the Toon!

Just two of the many brilliant businesses that make this area of the city so special, it was always going to be hard to find a way to make this culinary corner even better. That was until Square at No.1 Market Street flung open its doors!



A brand new concept that serves up Detroit-style pizzas in a cool, contemporary slice-house, Square have arrived in the city with a fresh take on an American pizza tradition - and boy, it’s good! 

We pop in to see what all the fuss is about and it's safe to say that the ‘Red Top’ (£18) and ‘Pep Talk’ (£22) immediately caught our eye.

The ‘Red Top’ is a special twist on the trusty margarita. Square has loaded this with a stunning three cheese house blend as slow-cooked red sauce oozes from the side at every bite. It comes complete with pecorino romano, a hearty drizzle of basil oil, whipped ricotta flowers as well as chilli flakes and it’s an endorphin-inducing eating experience.



The ‘Pep Talk’ isn’t a Guardiola half-time team talk - although he would certainly approve of it! It’s an incredible pizza pie that features juicy pepperoni slices, creamy dollops of burrata and lashings of hot honey and fresh basil, drizzled over every square inch of this pizza perfection. Light, airy and littered with an array of fresh  toppings, this isn’t your usual pizza slice - it’s a slice that’ll live long in the memory after just one chomp.

The team at Square have really gone to Toon when it comes to serving up special food and this is evident with their delicious collaboration with Lola Jeans. If your neighbours just happen to be 5 times Battle of the Burger champions, well you’d make sure you collaborate on a pizza topping or two.



One of the stand-out options is the ‘Clancy Wiggum’ (£22) and it’s a pizza-burger mashup for the ages. On this little bundle of joy, you’ll find a smashed burger patty, American cheese sauce, red onion jam, smoked streaky bacon, Tennessee BBQ sauce, baconnaise and bacon frazzles that’ll have you head over heels and scrambling back to the counter for more.

Let’s talk about dips. A small condiment that has a huge impact on pizza enjoyment, we’re thankful to report that Square’s dip assortment is one of the best about. From roasted garlic aioli, Scotch bonnet chilli and refreshing ranch, the dip game is strong at No.1 Market Square and it’s these little beauties that maximise that cheesy crust.



If you can still squeeze in even more (let’s be honest, there’s always room for more), then you can dive into Big Kahuna cookies! Square is the only joint in the city to stock these crumbly delights and they’re some of the best cookies you’ll ever get your mitts on.

So, whether it’s by the slice or by the pie, home or roam, in or out - Square is the place to visit if you’re after stunning food in a contemporary setting. Pop in on your lunch, or grab a pizza for date night. It won't disappoint.





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