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NE1 Reviews: Pasta Station

We took the carb train over to Newcastle Central as we sampled Pasta Station’s luscious pots of goodness!



Standing tall on Platform 12 of Central Station, Pasta Station is everything you’d expect from a quaint, hearty street food restaurant that prides itself on every meal that leaves the kitchen.

Edward (the owner) has created a neat carb palace that is the perfect spot for passengers to stop and dive into gooey pots of handmade pasta! While the tagliatelli bubbles away in the background, Edward delivers us a hand-stretched 12” pepperoni pizza and it’s something straight out of a Munchies video. This sensational pizza features fresh pepperoni slices that sit atop rich marinara sauce and then finished with a three cheese blend that makes for some epic cheese pulls.

Next up, the real show-stoppers! Two pots, packed to the brim with hand-made, egg-infused tagliatelle strips are placed in front of us and boy, it’s like peeking into the Ark of the pasta Covenant! One of the standout dishes for us is the chicken and pesto pasta pot! Think thick, succulent chicken slices cooked to perfection before being doused with a beautiful pesto blend that features coarse salt, basil leaves, and a sprinkling of parmesan all blended with olive oil. Dip your leftover pizza crusts in this bad boy and wow, you’re on your way to foodie nirvana. 



Another favourite of ours from Pasta Station is their rich carbonara and pancetta pot of goodness. This piping hot dish is brimming with tender pancetta bits that have been grilled to perfection and topped with a generous helping of a rich, cheese-infused cream sauce. A glorious dish packed full of imaginative flavour and cool colours!

With an abundance of paninis, lush pizza slices and delightful cannoli bites all ready and waiting in the wings to be sampled as take-out or sit-in, it’s no surprise that Platform 12 is full steam ahead with hungry patrons looking for a lunchtime feed!

Check them out next time you’re in the Toon and if you miss your train, no worries, there’s a lush pasta parlour that’ll turn that frown upside down in a heartbeat!


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