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Introducing… Victors

Prepare to have a new favourite on the Newcastle dining circuit! With a series of restaurants making waves on the culinary scene across the UK, Victors brings their latest concept to Newcastle’s Quayside, complete with stunning wisteria-decked interiors, a gorgeous menu of Asian-inspired delights, and an upscale yet informal vibe.

We had a chat with sales and marketing director James Mobbs about what you can expect from one of the hottest properties in town...




Tell us about the inspiration behind Victors

Victors is originally a restaurant inspired by the Hamptons, across on the East Coast of America, but the menu takes a lot of influence from across the Americas and Asia. It’s intended to be very much a destination venue.

What excites you about opening a venue in Newcastle?

It’s a great city, and there’s a lot of activity and investment happening in Newcastle. We like the fact that it’s a small city in a good way, so you get to be a part of it due to its size and get to engage in local communities to become a well-known place.

Victors has a real focus on community too, tell us about the charity you support

As part of our opening we’re trying to raise £5,000 for the Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF) at Newcastle’s Freeman Hospital, We try to do anything we can to support local charities that have a big impact on people within the city and the wider region. We like to support local charities, employ local people and give people who live and visit Newcastle somewhere special to go, and somewhere they’re excited to visit that they can be proud of.

The décor of the restaurant is pretty special!

It’s beautiful! The thing that stands out is that the restaurant is all under wisteria; that’s the most iconic thing that people see and recognise us for. It grows in a lot of places but it’s well known over on the East Coast of America. You can also expect whitewashed brick walls, light, bright and airy décor and lots of pops of colour. It’s very fresh and colourful, and visually striking.


What can we expect from your menu?

The Asian theme in Newcastle is partly because it ties in with everything we do – it’s fresh, with lots of colour and edible flowers. The thing with food across America, particularly modern food, is that it takes its influence from everywhere in the world, so it’s a relatively global menu in that respect. Fresh, healthy, vibrant, sexy food.

There’s definitely something for everyone, ranging from sushi and sashimi through to small plates perfect for sharing as well as larger plates. There’s a lot of theatre around the food as well; dishes could include everything from sparklers to emerging from under a cloche with smoke!

People can dine in a social style, where food is brought to the table as and when, and they get to continuously graze throughout, or they can eat in a traditional style, ordering small starters and larger plates.

Tell us about the drinks offer

Lots and lots of delicious cocktails! The new cocktail menu coming into summer features lots of great fresh summery flavours like watermelon, kiwi, and pineapple, alongside favourites like Pornstar Martini and Espresso Martini. There’s a lot of colour in the cocktails and they’re very fresh and vibrant, picturesque and eye popping.

What other things do you have up your sleeve for the future?

There will be live music on weekends, Friday through to Sunday. We do a fantastic afternoon tea that’s a little bit different; we serve sushi at the table, on dry ice with big sparklers – it’s quite an eye catching afternoon tea! We’re also doing a £15 welcome gift, so anyone can sign up to our Victors Club to get a £15 welcome gift for when they visit.

We’re sold! Where can we find you, and should we book?

Victors is located on Newcastle Quayside by the Malmaison hotel and Millennium Bridge. We’re taking bookings now via our website. There’s a terrace for people-watching and it’ll be a great place to spend the summer!

Hopefully that's given you an insight into Victors, a new restaurant landing on Newcastle's Quayside, and if it has, well a restaurant as gorgeous and inspiring as Victors is certain to turn heads, and given their tasty menu and relaxed yet chic atmosphere, we’re pretty certain it’ll be the hottest table in town – you’d better up now if you want to visit! 

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