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Globe Summer Festival

This weekend one of Newcastle’s live music institutions The Globe, on the west side of the city, is hosting its second Globe Summer Festival. The line-up is pretty exciting and we caught up with venue promoter Rob Heron to find out what’s behind it and what they have in store.



The Globe is a cooperative – the Jazz Co-Op Newcastle – which was born out of the Jazz Café, in what is now Prohibition in Pink Lane. The co-op bought The Globe in 2014, and Rob Heron took over the booking around two years ago. Obviously, the post-lockdown landscape has affected venues as much as anywhere else. “Things seem to be getting more normal now, but I think this latest COVID scare has made people a bit more cautious of coming out, or at least buying tickets too far in advance.  I think every music venue is feeling the change from before lockdown!”, he explains. Although the venue has a reputation for jazz – obviously – and Americana / roots music, there are also reggae and hip hop events among all sorts of gigs and club nights. “We pride ourselves on being eclectic, so no genre will go ignored, but we do also pride ourselves on high quality music...usually original.”


The last year has seen a varied selection of great new bands come through the venue, with Heron singling out a few that really impressed. “Sheelanagig, Keston Cobblers Club, and a whole bunch of garage bands that have entertained me!!”


Last year The Globe hosted its first Summer Festival. “The original idea was to kick-start live music with audiences at The Globe after lockdown.  It was the first event after all that where there was no strictly limited capacity.” Although it went really well, the Covid-instigated cancellation of headliners Holy Moly & The Crackers caused something of a panic but local blues band The King Bees stepped in at short notice and were a triumph so this year they’re back and so are Holy Moly.



The festival is across three themed days. Friday kicks off at 8pm and is the Blues Night. Elsie Franklin is first up and is followed by Liam Ward & Malcolm Thorne and the aforementioned King Bees headline with their rich and soulful blues and R&B.



Saturday is a diverse affair, rooted in versions of Americana. There’s Bubamara at 5pm, followed by Nottingham’s Most Ugly Child, who offer excellent country rock with strong harmonies and with a knack for an excellent melody. Rob Heron (yes, that one) is up next with his Tea Pad Orchestra. Newcastle mainstays for a decade, they serve up a blend of Western Swing, honky tonk country, R&B and rockabilly. And then headlining are Holy Moly & The Crackers, veritable local heroes, festival favourites and a band used to playing much bigger venues these days (it’s their last hometown show of the year too). After the bands, Stagger Lee will be DJing soul, rhythm & blues and more till the early hours.


Finally, Sunday is jazz day. It’s a 4pm start and includes The Dean Stockdale Trio, The Alice Grace Quartet and the Julian Costello Quartet before headliners Knats take over, a local band making quite a buzz. Heron is obviously really excited about the bill they’ve pulled together. “With Elsie opening - a very talented young blues musician from York – and the weekend closing with Knats, an excellent new local jazz group, that’s a great young talent sandwich. And everything in between is as good as your best sandwich filling!”


Friday 29th – Sunday 31st July, tickets £12 Friday, £18 Saturday, £15 Sunday or £40 weekend pass. Children under 16 are permitted until 9pm if they’re accompanied by an adult.


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