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Geordie Jackpot: Everything You Need To Know

The NE1 Geordie Jackpot is in full swing and as a city, we're super exciting about the prospects - from the amazing £25,000 jackpot and the guarateed £1,000 cash payout to the fabulous bolt on prizes and the planned projects that will make our great city even greater!

Have you signed up but want to know more about what this exciting new initiative can bring to your city? Read on...



So we've established how easy it is to sign up!

It's as easy as 1,2,3. All you need to do is head over to the Geordie Jackpot website where you pay just £1 to select your six numbered ticket. The best bit is, you're not restricted to just buying one ticket - you can buy as many as you like each and every week.

But what are the chances of winning?

Much higher than you think! The Geordie Jackpot uses numbers from 0 - 9, meaning there are nowhere near as many combinations as there are in some other major lotteries. As mentioned, you can buy as many tickets as you wish and there's also a random selection option if your lucky numbers are not working out for you!



The prizes are great... but what else will the Geordie Jackpot do for my city?

The Geordie Jackpot is a fabulous, Newcastle-based fundraising lottery that’s dead-set on buying the city the things it needs. Our city is up there as the capital of the north, and we just want to keep making it better. 



Potential projects include a fancy walk-in fountain perfect for sunny days in the city, a vibrant play area by Monument and a NEWCASTLE sign by Central Station, shouting our name out loud and proud at the gateway to our city. 



Past and current projects include Alive After Five, Screen On The Green, Welcome Students of the World and Restaurant week to name but a few. We believe that these initiatives help to make our city attractive to locals, students and visitors alike - and we can't wait to speak to the people of Newcastle to brainstorm and come up with more exciting ideas to help our city grow and continue its status as a bustling hub in the North East.



Good causes?

The Geordie Jackpot is also about supporting our city in ways that will help people in need. Not only will it fund exciting, ever-changing city centre improvements and events, it will also help the region’s kids. 

A proportion of funds raised will be donated to Cash for Kids who support local children who are disabled, disadvantaged, sick, or suffering from abuse or neglect.

The first Geordie Jackpot draw is on 7th October - make sure you buy your tickets now to be in with the chance of winning money-can't-buy prizes, a life-changing jackpot and the £1,000 guaranteed cash payout! It's a bargain at just £1 a ticket - don't miss out!

Join up and help us make Newcastle the best city in Europe.



As you buy your lottery tickets and the Geordie Jackpot takes offf, please do get in touch with any ideas/proposals on how we can make our great city even greater. We can't wait to hear from you!

Tweet us at: @NewcastleNE1



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