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Everything You Need To Know About Dough Daze

Heads up homies, there’s a new pizza place on the scene, and it’s rad! Dough Daze is a brand new 90s-obsessed pizza parlour at Ridley Place, and it’s destined to be your new favourite thing! We chatted with pizza perfectionist Nomaan Asker to find out what you can expect…


Tell us about the inspiration behind Dough Daze

It’s always been a dream of mine and my wife to have something like this, we’re big foodies!

What makes Dough Daze unique?

It’s a New York-style pizzeria with a twist on the menu – we’re bringing back all the things from the 90s, from the music to the memorabilia, it’ll be a fun, retro 90s vibe.

Tell us about the decor

It’s smart red and white, a real throwback to a traditional NYC pizza house with black and white chequered flooring and vinyl seating.

What pizzas do you serve?

Our toppings include pepperoni with a honey drizzle, buffalo chicken, goats cheese with red onion jam, BBQ veg and margherita. Eventually, we’ll also have some specials like Philly cheesesteak.

Our pizzas are traditional – not too thin, not too thick, but just right, and one slice is enough! We’ve got something on the menu suitable for vegans, vegetarians and for those who eat halal.

Where do you source your ingredients from?

We source from local companies, everything from our packaging to our fresh produce. Everything is made in-house, even the dough – we’ve perfected our own recipe. Our house blend cheese is really great and our sauces are the tastiest you’ve had!

What’s your best seller?

The pepperoni with honey drizzle – everyone loves it, it’s our number one seller!

What side dishes can I have with my pizza?

We sell mac and cheese in three flavours – regular, with pepperoni and with buffalo chicken. Our dough balls are genuinely beautiful! You can have them served with garlic butter, or with our house cheese blend, with pepperoni and pizza sauce, or all of that plus buffalo sauce, garlic ranch and pulled chicken breast!


What drinks do you serve?

Grab a fountain drink with your pizza – we’ve got Coke, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Iron Bru, Sunkissed Orange and Lemonade. We also do amazing milkshakes in strawberry, chocolate and vanilla flavour.

What’s for dessert?

We’re planning to stock great desserts made by a local baker, who will supply things like cheesecakes, brownies and blondies.

What other things do you have up your sleeve?

We want to start doing collaborations with local people – our neighbouring dumpling house does hoisin duck, so we want to do a hoisin duck pizza. We love working with other local people.

How much is a slice?

It’s £3.75 for margherita, or £3.95 for the other toppings. We do some great meal deals where you can add £1 for an unlimited refill drink or £2 for an American upgrade which includes drinks like Arizona and Dr Pepper, or add £3 for milkshakes. If you’d like to buy a whole 18” pizza it’s £18 for margherita or £20 for the others.

Can you eat in and take away?

Yes, no need to book. We want you to focus purely on having a good time with your friends or family. Sit in the comfortable restaurant with its playful and character-filled vibe, or take away and eat in the park.

Where are you based?

We’re at 27 Ridley Place. The street is getting a bit of work done at the moment but we’re worth venturing down for!

When are you open?

We’re open 12pm-8pm every day. Come early – sometimes we sell out of dough because our pizzas are that good!

Where can people find you online?

We’ll be on Deliveroo and JustEat soon, but come hang out with us on Facebook and Instagram at wearedoughdaze.


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