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Discover King Baby Bagels

It’s bagel time baby! One of the most popular food stands at Tynemouth Market is making its way to Newcastle city centre - introducing King Baby Bagels. 

Since setting up their stall in 2019, Joss Elder and Gordon Colley have been the go-to guys at the market for lush filled bagels with attitude.

The King Baby Bagels gang will be opening up the doors to their first ever shop in Newcastle’s Grainger Market very soon, so we caught up with the pair to find out exactly what to expect...



What’s the story behind KBB - how did it all come about?

Well… I (Joss) started making bagels in my flat in Heaton after inspiration from a New York trip. I got decent at it, and decided to reach out to a local cafe in 2019. After getting good feedback doing some pop ups spots I recruited my best mate (Gordon) and we moved to weekend markets. It’s slowly snowballed from there - now it’s time to give up our day jobs. 

You’ve recently announced you’re opening a shop at the Grainger Market - when was the decision made to make that leap from stall to shop?

Excited. Nervous. Ready. It’s a natural progression really, It was something we mentioned at the start of the year and has slowly fit together. We love everything the Grainger Market has to offer, the history of the place, and how it’s become a little food hub for the North East and are buzzing to be able to put our stamp on that. Also, we’re looking forward to being able to buy t-shirts with cats on and Marks and Spencer’s biscuits. 



What kind of things can we expect from the menu at the shop?

Simple classics. Mega fresh ingredients. Some new levelled up versions. Vegan and sweet choices. Our focus is to follow the old traditional bagel shops that have been running for hundreds of years, keep the menu fairly small but just nail each filling, or try to! If it ain’t broke. 

Will you have some tunes on at the shop and if so who’s getting to make the playlist?

We were talking about this the other day actually. We’re likely gonna have to put a SAFE playlist together that is appropriate for everyone that includes some yacht rock and Neil Diamond but likely Gordo will just stick on some Slayer. 



Finally, When will the shop be open?

Our lovely shopfitters are in at this exact moment, we don’t have an exact date just yet. Check out our socials and we will keep you updated. Plan is to have a soft launch on a Saturday and then get to work. So keep your eyes peeled.



Will you be visiting King Baby Bagel? Get in touch via our social channels. Twitter: @NewcastleNE1, Instagram: @NewcastleNE1, Facebook: @GetIntoNewcastle.

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