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5 Minutes With: Patrick Monahan - The Stand Comedy Club

Patrick Monahan is in the Toon this April (Sunday 22) to share his brand new stand up show with a North East audience. Inspired by his Irish/Iranian/Teesside teens in the 90s, he explores what life was like for teenagers growing up with basic technology. See him at The Stand Comedy Club.


First time in the Toon?

Every time I perform in the Toon it feels like me first time 'cos you always get a good mix of regulars and new people.





Have you brought your coat?

Yes 100%! I’m originally from Teesside, so I know about wearing coats and always layering up!


Best Tyneside moment?

Doing the Great North Run, then being given a massive bag of jelly babies at the end to get me sugar levels back up!




Favourite Geordie?

Cheryl Cole, mainly 'cos me missus does a great impression of her.


NE1 plans?

I always like to have a walk around town. There’s sometimes a market on, so good to grab some treats and snacks. And then a nice hot soup in Greggs, even when it’s the middle of summer - you can’t beat a nice soup and doughnut in Newcastle.


What would you be doing if you weren’t here now?

I’d be in a cake shop or a Greggs looking for a sugary treat.





Fun fact?

You can fit 300 sloths in a standard lift, but you can’t fit a giraffe in one. Although to be a fair, a giraffe wouldn’t need to go up in a lift, it can just stick its head up to have a look and leave.



Get tickets to see Patrick Monahan at the The Stand Comedy Club on Sunday 22 April 2018 from £10.



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