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Bones: Skeleton Secrets of the Animal World:


2017's must-see family-friendly exhibition

Why can’t I fly like a bird, or leap as far as a frog?

How does a snake move when it hasn’t got any feet?

The animal world is full of questions and bones can help us find the answers.

Great North Museum: Hancock are putting their enormous collection of animal skeletons on show for 2017’s must-see family-friendly exhibition.

From itty-bitty bats to whopping whales, bones are the hidden keys to how animals move, survive and evolve over time.

Enjoy a journey through land, air and ocean and marvel at real bones, teeth and fossils from over 100 creatures. Spot a salamander. Discover the dodo. Reveal the skeleton secrets of the animal world!


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4th February - 14th May 2017

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