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Look At Me: An Artistic Self-Critique On The Modern Woman In Turkey:


Abject Galley is pleased to announce an exhibition of video work by six artists from Turkey exploring the role of a modern women in their country.

Look at Me, presents the work of six artists living and working in Turkey, revealing their perception of ‘self’ within Turkey’s current social and political climate.

Curated by Çiğdem Mentesoglu for Abject Gallery, Look at Me presents a collection of works by six female artists, using video as a means to explore themselves through private and public perception; presenting what the artists refer to as a ‘self-critique’ of the modern women. Dila Yumurtacı, Özlem Şimşek, Ferhat Özgür, Çiğdem Mentesoglu, Gizem Karakaş and Bengü Karaduman provide us with a critical and intimate look at their environment with relation to their society and its politics at this time.

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22nd March - 22nd April 2017

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