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Zapatista Burrito Bar


Our Food Food here at Zapatista pays homage to the vibrant eating habits of Mexico. Habits that can be found in every corner of the globe and were pleased to say now also in Newcastle. What is important here is the use of fresh locally sourced ingredients, the best cuts of meat, and the finest hand prepared meal possible with customer participation from the start. We are all about giving you exactly what you want, hold the guac! No problem. Extra cheese? You got it. This is lunch time at its best & Street food at its finest. Zapatista is the answer to a continually growing demand for good quality diverse food in Newcastle. We quickly realised that people share in our love for internationally inspired food and set out with a simple goal. To bring our love for Mexican street food and combine it with a laid back open space where people can either hang out or take it out the door. However we understand that this is new territory for some people therefore weve made it as easy as possible to understand our menu. This way you can start off by dipping in your toe and playing things safe or dive in head first with all those incredible flavours. Either way your getting something fresh and delicious in your hand. It also allows you to change things up on a daily basis. Variety is the spice of life.

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