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Lit and Phil


Newcastle is home to many fantastic buildings, places that you walk past or into, trying to imagine what they were like years ago.

You dont need to imagine what the Lit & Phil was like because it retains its original purpose as well as all of its charm. The Lit & Phil library opened in 1825. The interior of the main reading room is skylit with three enormous dome lanterns set into the roof. The walls of the galleried, double height space are lined with some of the 150,000 book collection. Its a phenomenal, inspiring and welcoming space, a great place to spend some time. Members and visitors enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and use the library to read the papers, meet friends, work and study. The vast collection grows by over 1000 books each year and we house current fiction alongside historical collections. The Lit & Phil is also home to 7,000 CDs, and over 10,000 LPs. The music is mainly classical and represents a significant collection that also includes scores, sheet music and reference works. If youre tempted, Im sure you wont be disappointed. Why not have a look around, enjoy a cup of tea or coffee and see if you think its somewhere youd like to spend some time. This magnificent library is just 100 yards from Central Station and Metro.  

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