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Kern Fitness


KERN is a new fitness concept fusing Personal Training with Electro Muscular Stimulation technology. This is an effective and efficient workout that gives fast and perceivable results saving a lot of time: 20 minutes is the equivalent of 3 hours of conventional training. This concept have revolutionised Fitness around the world and now is in Newcastle! EMS Personal Training concept explained: You complete a 20 minute workout guided by your personal trainer whilst wearing a special vest connected to an Electro-Muscular-Stimulation (EMS) device. This device sends low frequency current to your muscles whilst you are training. This makes the workout very efficient and very effective as you train large and small muscle groups at the same time! Our time-saving method will help you achieve fast and perceivable results when doing a workout once or twice a week. The KERN Fitness concept is a full body workout that will help you: - Tone and define your body - Burn fat and lose extra body weight - Increase your metabolism   Opening hours are subject to Appointment schedule. Please Ring venue for more Info.

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