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61side UpSide Down Presents


Newcastle's independent Gift Shop, offering alternative hand-made greeting cards and presents for all occasions, as well as local art, photography and the like.


UpSide Down Presents is now primarily a gift and card shop, with the Souvenirs side of the business now literally on the other side of the road/arch in the even smaller (and cuter) Souvenirs upon Tyne.


UpSide Down Presents is your go-to place for small keepsake gifts, many of them Geordie and North Eastern, as well as a range of original and hilarious greeting cards from many different suppliers, the majority of them local.


UpSide Down now sell coffee on the side! It's really good Grade 1 Coffee, Bean to Cup. You can also pick up  Northumberland Tea, Green Tea, Decaf options and some cold drinks, snacks and breakfast bars. Go on, treat yourself! 

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