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586 Records


586 records is a new and innovative venture for Newcastle. A vinyl only record store, manned and managed by Antony Daly. A respected dj and co-promoter of "Reverb" and the "Suono" club nights. He has helped to shape the city's non commercial nightlife, over the last 15 years. His store is located within commercial union house on pilgrim street and found on the 3rd floor,under the protective wing of b&d studios. Within it, there are 1000's of 12 inch records and albums for you to peruse. Genres available range from 60's Soul, Disco, Classic albums, 80's Alternative, House, Techno and Nu Med Tear Jerkers. Prices start from £2, meaning there are many bargains, to be had. To add to the experience, there are 3 technics turntables with earphones, for you to listen to the records, before you buy. A breakfast bar has been installed, so you can enjoy a hot drink, do some work on your laptop or just chat and relax! "I'm hoping to bring back the social aspect of buying records, generating interaction and interest between myself and collectors of vinyl. Putting them onto records they may not know, but will hopefully enjoy. All of this, in a relaxed atmosphere, with a friendly and slightly knowledgeable face, behind the counter".

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