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NE1 Reviews: Scream For Pizza

An all-star name when it comes to serving up incredible pizza slices to countless of hungry patrons across the North East, local foodie legends Scream For Pizza have arrived on the Quayside in a cool, contemporary take-out slice-house and boy - we’re all in for a treat Newcastle! 

NE1 headed along to Three Indian Kings House for a deeks in their new NE1 hangout and most importantly, our mitts on their sensational pizza slices. 



Standing opposite the waterfront and boasting beautiful panoramic views of the Quayside, Scream for Pizza’s enticingly cool and rustic interior shines nearly as bright as the 12” delights on offer. 

There’s a multitude of soft reds, vibrant yellows and burnt oranges littered across the walls, whereas the vibrant, 60s diner-style menu hanging above the counter adds a brilliant dose of vibrancy and colour to proceedings. 



Having taken our Grand Designs hat off, we quickly moved to the counter to be greeted with humongous 20” pizzas bubbling away in plain view. It's safe to say that the ‘Texas Flyer’ (£5) and ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ (£3.50) immediately caught our eye.

The ‘Texas Flyer’ is a special Scream for Pizza creation that’s new for their NE1 base. The team loaded this show-stopper with sweet Texan BBQ sauce, gooey mozzarella slices, slow-cooked brisket, freshly chopped red onion and green peppers before being topped with a hearty dollop of ranch dressing and a littering of buttered pickles. Trust us when we say, we’re still processing this endorphin-inducing eating experience.



Our lack of self-control kicks in and we duly head back in for a second serving - this time, we tackle Scream’s ‘Brooklyn's Finest’. 

It’s an incredible crust that features slow-cooked marinara sauce, creamy dollops of mozzarella, double pepperoni slices and lashings of garlic oil before being topped with fresh parmesan honey and fresh basil. Light, airy and oh-so indulgent, this triangular trifecta of perfection will have you oohing and aahing until the very last bite. 



The team at Scream have really gone overboard when it comes to serving up special food and it’s clearly evident with their New York bodega breakfast roll, Scream’s ‘Top Knot’ garlic dough balls and oh-so incredible ‘Screamies’.

The ‘Screamies’ are an ice-cream lover's dream that sees your usual ice cream tub transformed and turned up to 11. Of the dairy delights on offer, the ‘The Big Apple’ (£6) is the stand-out for us. It features fior di latte, ginger cake, streusel crumble, bramley apple compote and lashing of salted caramel sauce and it could quite possibly be the holy grail of ice cream concoctions. 



As you all know, we’re suckers for dips and we’re thankful to report that Scream’ saucery  is top-notch. From ‘papi’s hot green sauce’, chilli honey, blac truffle aioli and their aromatic ‘garlic parm and salsa verde’, NE1’s latest pizza parlour has nailed it when it comes to dunkable delights. 

Another week spent following the delightful smells across the city, Scream for Pizza is the latest venture North East foodie icon to touch down in the city. Pop in on your lunch, or grab a pizza for date night. It’ll have you screaming from the rooftops for more… 

Will you be grabbing a slice? Get in touch via our social channels. Twitter: @NewcastleNE1, Instagram: @NewcastleNE1, Facebook: @GetIntoNewcastle.

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