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INTERVIEW: Matthew Freeman, Blue Planet II Live In Concert, Utilita Arena

Team NE1 catches up with Matthew Freeman, the conductor of the Blue Planet II Live In Concert Show coming to Newcastle's Utilita Arena this March. 


Sir David Attenborough’s mesmerising Blue Planet II is coming to an NE1 stage! Following the incredible success of the BBC One TV-series, the show will be swooping by the Utilita Arena this Wednesday 20th March 2019.

Bringing the wonder and mysteries of the planet’s oceans and wildlife to the arena stage, this must-see spectacular will showcase a stunning selection of visuals from the TV-series, revealing the beautiful blue planet in breathtaking detail on a state-of-the-art 200 square metre LED screen. A fantastical journey from icy polar seas to pulsating coral reefs!



What can an audiences expect from the live show?

Well, it may be cosy watching Blue Planet II at home on your sofa, but seeing the footage in these huge arenas on an enormous LED screen is another experience!


What do you think an audience will feel whilst sitting in an arena watching this show ? 

The senses are awash with images that we are unfamiliar with. Did you know that ten people have walked on the moon but only three people have been down to the depths of our oceans? Blue Planet II takes us into an undiscovered, unknown world where we see shapes, colours and experiences that are absolutely captivating. We have extraordinary visuals, heightened with music that takes the viewer to another level.



Will people find themselves somehow transported ?

Aaah. It’s something I believe you would think about afterwards. It’s one of those performances and experiences that you find yourself assimilating long after.


Are there moments of high drama in the show ?

Of course there will be high drama, but when you’re deep on the sea bed, it’s fairly tranquil. We do have some dark and eerie scenes with bobbit worms and other more frantic chase scenes with moray eels and octopus chasing crabs for dinner. I was born in Norfolk and was brought up eating cromer crabs, so can relate to that!




See those magical underwater moments play out at Newcastle's Utilita Arena, accompanied by a live orchestra, conducted by Matthew Freeman. Wednesday 20th March 2019, 6.30pm. Tickets from £46.30. utilitaarena.co.uk


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