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Everything You Need To Know About The Newcastle Dragon Boat Race

If you like the idea of messing about on the river AND raising money for an excellent charity, it’s time to apply to the Newcastle Dragon Boat Race! Taking place on September 3rd, applications for rowers are now open but there’s plenty for non-participants to do on the day as well. So here is everything you need to know.



What is Dragon Boat Racing?

Dragon boats – beautiful, ornament canoes full of colour and symbolism – date back a couple of thousand years to the Pearl River delta, but racing as a recognised sport kicked off in Hong Kong in the 1970s, with teams and competitions flourishing across the globe – including the UK – since then. Each boat takes between 11 and 16 rowers and a drummer, who is vital, providing the rhythm that helps unify the rowers’ moves.


How Does The Race Work?

There will be a series of heats throughout the day, with everyone receiving a medal and the ultimate winners receiving the 2022 Newcastle Dragon Boat Trophy


How Do I Get Involved?

You can apply to take part as a solo fundraiser or as a small group for £45 per head, and will be allocated boats to best create mixed, balanced teams. Companies can book a series of packages, as follows:

  • Bronze (£550)- Basic boat package
  • Silver (£750) – Boat plus food and drink voucher for each participant
  • Gold (£950) – Boat, food, drink and videography coverage including interviews

(A deposit will be required on booking).

Full details about applying and more can be found here.



Who Can Take Part?

All participants must be 16 years or older.


Will There Be Any Training Before The Race?

All the participants will be invited to take part in a group warm-up with a qualified physical trainer, and then will receive a full safety briefing.



Where Is It Taking Place?

The meeting point and race starting point is on the Quayside opposite the Law Courts and this will be the focus of all the other entertainment too.


What Charity Benefits From The Dragon Boat Race?

The money raised will go towards The Children’s Heart Unit Fund (CHUF), a local charity that helps children undergoing cardiac treatment at Freeman Hospital, and their families. All participants are asked to commit to raising at least £100 each.


What Else Will Be Happening?

If you’re coming down to the race to support a friend or colleague, or just fancy a day out on the Quayside, there’s going to be lots going on – from face-painting and Chinese dragon dancing, to  market stalls, games and food stalls. The event is being staged in conjunction with Adept, ourselves at NE1 and The North-East Chinese Community Association, and everyone is working hard to make sure it’s a fun and exciting day.




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