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Everything You Need To Know About PureKnead

We sat down with the fabulous Paula Watson from PureKnead, a brand new bakery bringing delicious treats to Dean Street, for an exclusive chat about her team’s boundary breaking bakes!


Tell us a little about yourself - how did you get into hospitality and the restaurant scene?

Initially I studied Fine Art at university, throughout this time I worked various hospitality jobs to supplement my student living expenses.  After finishing uni, I worked in arts events which gave me a good understanding of event planning and corporate hospitality (late 80s and early 90s when corporate hospitality really was totally over the top!). I worked with local catering companies and event organisers in amazing locations like Blenheim Palace, Mentmore Towers and The Colleges in Oxford.  It gave me a clear understanding that hospitality is rewarding but always hard graft!


How did the PureKnead journey begin?

The PureKnead journey began after taking time raising my two lads. The choice was to go back to a job temping or give Tynemouth Market a go.  We had always eaten a pretty pure diet at home as I suffer pretty badly with various allergies. It was important to me as a mother to give my lads the best start we could by eliminating as many 'nasties' from our food and daily living as we could. I felt that this was something that perhaps other people might be interested in and so the market was the result! 


It seems the Toon has taken quite a shine to PureKnead. How have you found the city since arriving on Dean Street?

Having lived down south I was glad to get back ‘up north’, I love Newcastle and feel really privileged to be on such a beautiful street. 


How has Newcastle shaped your offering? 

We wanted to offer an independent vibe in contrast to the corporate backdrop of the city centre. COVID has resulted in championing of great work by independent businesses all over the country and I'm hoping it's our time to shine!


What makes a PureKnead product? 

A PureKnead product is always a work in progress! We strive to be the best we can be and continually push ourselves to learn new skills.  The Kneady team are amazing and everyone  is committed to making the best products we can. Flavour, texture, detail and innovation all go into each product we produce!


Your favourite treat that’s currently on the menu? 

I am a bread freak! Our seeded sourdough gets me excited every morning when our bakers send them up to the shops.  Fresh bread has got to be one of the best smells ever! On the sweet side our custard tart is absolutely immense!


Tell us more about the beautiful artisan produce you stock… 

We stock a range of sourdoughs and yeasted breads, amazing pastries made by our two talented bread bakers, a full range of cakes, cinnamon buns, sandwiches, pies and great coffee from one of the best roasters in the country! It’s impossible to 


Dean Street is also the place where PureKnead’s beautiful cake commissions come to life. What’s the wildest cake you’ve ever created?

We've done all sorts! Underwater themes, Japanese style cakes, Mexican themes, dinosaur cakes and, of course, our lovely semi-naked style cakes!



Have you visited PureKnead? Get in touch via our social channels. Twitter: @NewcastleNE1, Instagram: @NewcastleNE1, Facebook: @GetIntoNewcastle

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